Spincast reels - why I use them and a tip for using braid


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Aug 5, 2019
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Hudson Valley, N.Y.
I know of only one angler that uses a spincast reel other than myself. I also carry spinning reels and for bass, a baitcaster. Braid for the latter two reels does fine retrieving 3/4 oz or heavier lures but not so much using spincast reels.

Now, I realize most anglers would not use a spincast for larger species that weigh more than 3lbs. on average. The drag on spincast reels has come a long way but the light to medium action rods they are mounted on are a challenge when fighting a 7lb plus fish. As long as there are no heavy weeds for fish to try and escape in, I can usually fight a fish long enough to get it near enough to net. Their 3.5 - 4 gear ratios are adequate for most retrieve speeds.

Why spincast? I had a history of carpal tunnel syndrome and trigger finger that prevented me from holding a spinning reel for too long. After surgery corrected both, I still had spincast reels I still wanted to continue to use to cast under low-lying branches and docks which I suck at using a spinning reel.
My hand still cramps after using a spinning reel too long, so I alternate with a spincast which prevents the aches caused by arthritis of the hand.

Braid is the only line I use. I can cast finesse lures on light jigs - i.e. 1/32 oz. + plastic lure over 40' with the wind plus feel long-distance strikes far better than with plastic line. Being that the 8# test braid is 4# test in diameter, it allows lure action fish key in on. Plus, no more line memory or line twist to deal with.

Braid can be a problem when used with spincast reels if certain rules aren't observed. I'll post them if requested.
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While I don't use spincast reels, I'm interested in how they should be used with braid. So yeah, post the rules.

For ultra light lures, seems the only real options would be spinning or spincast reels. I can sure see why you elect to use the spincasters. That is ignoring, of course, the fly fishing reels that cast the line weight as opposed to the lure. But unlike the others, I'm more apt to hook my ear with a fly rod. lol
I'm more apt to hook my ear with a fly rod. lol
You and me both!

Okay, so here goes as it pertains to using a spincast reel with braid.
1. The reel cap must have a large hole. Too small and the line catches as it unwinds from the internal spool.
example of small aperture reel:
spincast 2.jpg

example of the right size aperture:

spincast 1.JPG

Walmart sent me the above reel by mistake and I returned it. Granted, a small hole allows the casting of plastic lines with no problem except when line memory and/or line twist becomes the problem. Braid doesn't exhibit those problems.

2. Any line type - braid or mono - can get screwed up on any reel with small loops of line on the spool that catch line when cast. Crucial for spincast casting is that the line is wound evenly and firmly by hand. This may have to be done more or less frequently depending on how many times you cast light lures into the wind. Most times this doesn't have to be done.

Small-diameter braid casts the best. I use 8# test/ 4# diameter Kastking braid for spinning and spincast. With braid, I can pull the 10' boat to an underwater snag and not break off. Usually the hook straightens before the line breaks.

Overhand casts do okay but I prefer sidearm casts especially when it's windy. The rod tip is whipped underhand in a circle and then the button is released - the same a I do for bait cast reels.
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I use a Omega Pro on my 7’ Med Heavy Flipping Rod.
Have tried bait casters and Spinning reels and for me This works for me. 1666458694832.jpeg
I got a zebco 33 and it sucked. Returned it and got the pro. As long as it catches fish, who cars what you use..lol
It's like golf....they don't ask HOW?, they ask HOW MANY? Why not use what you like?

The day I start worrying about what somebody thinks about my equipment, is the day I better hang it up.
You got that right and that includes boat size. Heck - size isn't everything. ;)
Well, if you use the reel correctly, a spincast is all you need. A reel of any kind is NOT A WINCH. Its primary purpose is to hold and cast line. If you use the "pull back on the rod and then reel in the slack as you move the rod forward" method. any reel is fine.

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