Question for you veteran striped/hybrid bass fisherman

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Sep 19, 2020
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Smithville, Texas
I’ve been all over the site with this repair/rebuild I’m about to get wet.
I rigged up with rod holders everywhere for drifting,trolling etc.
The lake I’ll be spending most of my time has some big catfish. So I’m putting some med/heavy set ups together and was about to use high visibility line on everything because catfish don’t mind it and I can keep up with my stuff better. Then I asked myself a question today.
There’s hybrid stripers in that lake too. Are they going to be line shy? I don’t know much about them but I’d like to chase them too. I’ll be night fishing as well but what about the day? Or deeper water in the summer?
If I need too I’ll skip the high vis line on a couple of rods but then what’s the best line for them if they’re particular?
I’ll appreciate any knowledge I can get. Thanks as always.

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