Back after a long Hiatus (With a new boat!)

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Jan 4, 2009
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This is my first post to tinboats in quite some time! I first joined when I purchased a G3 1236 Jon (My first boat) back in the winter of 2008. I ended up selling that boat after one season to upgrade to something bigger the following year.

Fast forward 7 years and 4 boats later, some I was glad to sell, some I still kick myself for ever letting go. Last boat was a 2013 PolarKraft 1578 WT Dakota with a 2013 Yamaha 25hp 4 stroke. Loved the boat. Told myself I'd never sell it.

Then it came time to buy a house. And to bump up the down payment, away went the boat. :cry: Just one of those "adult decisions" many of us have had to make.

Last spring, going stir crazy not having a boat, I began to look. And lo and behold, a smokin' deal came up on an older Mirrocraft 14' deep v paired with a 2001 Johnson 15hp 2 stroke with electric start. I bought it. It wasn't the prettiest boat, but would do for now and could always be modified. Had a great season with it, but told myself it was only temporary. A lot of the rivets were pulling through on the seat brackets and other areas, and the hull seemed to flex more than it should as a result. Then, the last day of the season as I was wheeling the trailer back across the lawn, the skeg caught a stump while pushing it backwards and though I was only walking at a slow pace with the boat, it tore the aluminum support off the middle of the transom, and it now has a severe compromise in the structure of it that will need addressing before the boat is taken and left at our family's camp as the weekend warrior. (The camp is on an island and a boat is needed to get from the mainland and out to camp, espially with lumber, firewood, tools, propane tanks, etc.)

Luckily, the outboard made it through unscathed and will now go onto this:

It's a leftover 2016 G3 Guide V14 that I picked up from my local dealer at a closeout/year end price. Couldn't be happier with it. Very wide for standing and fly fishing out of.

The outboard to push her:

I'm super happy with the boat. Brought it home yesterday and adjusted the bunks and whatnot for fit. It's killing me to have to wait until Spring to begin any modifications to it and actually get it in the water. Not having a garage will require me to just basically cover it and leave it alone for the next 3-4 months. Ah, the joys of Winter in Maine. But at least it'll give me plenty of time to think about seating options/placement, a fishfinder, and electrical wiring for lights and other accessories.

Anyways, that's my story. Thanks to those who took the time to read it. Hope everyone had a great new year.

Love your new boat!! What kinda price did you get??? Shopping myself for a new Jon. Thanks!!
sharphook said:
Love your new boat!! What kinda price did you get??? Shopping myself for a new Jon. Thanks!!

Thanks! NECC boats in Rochester NH normally sells the Guide v14 for $1950, scored this one for $1700.
Nice boat & welcome back. This is my first post in forever as well. I will be redoing my tin over the winter unless I find an older bass tracker to rebuild instead.
That's a nice looking boat! Hopefully spring will get here soon....I hate winter but it is what it is.

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