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I was 40 when I first started to feel like age was creeping up on me, I noticed I got winded faster, my knees got painful, and I gained 20 pounds due to less activity. It went downhill from there over the next 20 or so years. My ankles hurt all the time, my knees turns out are the least of my worries as I get back pain, chest pain, shoulder pain, and my eyesight is getting worse seemingly by the day. The one good thing is that I lost weight simply being in to much pain after doing things all day to get up and eat.
Knowing how old age treated my dad, I pretty much know what I'm in for but my being so much taller and heavier than he was the prospect isn't good. I've got buddies 20 years older that show no signs of pain, they golf, fish, walk, a few even still work but I can barely get down the stairs some days after a day working in the yard or a few trips to the super market and back.
Being 40 again would feel great, but knowing what was coming would be the worst part.
Back when I was 20, I really never expected to make it this far, I figured I'd be long gone before i turned even 40 after having big issues in my teens with gut pain, my knees, and lower back pain, so I did things I shouldn't have and made it even worse now. I really thought then that my insanity on a motorbike would have done me in long before I had to pay the price for the injuries over the years. Now I suffer because of it.
I can't bend over, I can't kneel, and if when I fall down, I have to crawl or roll over to something i can grab hold of to pull myself back to my feet. At least my arms still work despite some arthritis in my hands from years of wrenching on old cars, bikes, boats, and trucks. I can still do pull ups on a bar at my age but forget walking around the building without coming back all bent over in pain.
Seafarer; I visit a hot rodder's board daily, and one of the other posters has a tag line that reads to the effect......."Life was not meant for you to arrive at the pearly gates with a pristine, should arrive all used up, sliding sideways, spraying gravel, and screaming YEE-HAAAA....WHAT A RIDE!"

Just a little food for thought.....Roger

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