Bowfishing in Arkansas

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Mar 25, 2011
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I just moved to Arkansas for a job with a timber company. Wondered if anyone knew some good areas to check out for some carp. I'm a little north of Little Rock and planning on getting a little jon boat for the summer. I live right next to the Arkansas River and have seen a few creeks around but know nothing about them.
I dont bow fish but Lake Conway is full of carp and gar. And it sounds like its really close to you if your north of LR. Im in conway.
I am in Russellville. I know some guys here who do pretty good on Dardanelle. I am wanting to get into that as well. But I try to keep my obsessions to a minimum.
Arkansas river and it’s tributaries and offshoots. Also, might try the spillway ponds at at Beaverfork. Lake Conway does well but it’s not much fun to navigate in a boat. Caney Creek with an airboat is all I’ve done at Lake Conway before I hung up the bow fishing stuff.

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