Can i bolt diamond plate on the entire back of my jon boat to make it more structurally sound

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The stern is solid I was just thinking if I bolt this Dimond plate on the back would it corrode the aluminum or make it corrode in between the Dimond and the jon boat material both looks like it's aluminum
Well, it'll add unnecessary weight that could be better used inside the boat. And yes, there'll be water retained between the two aluminum sheets that will cause corrosion, unless you can find a way to completely bond the two together.
I'm assuming you wish to add this for appearance, rather than more structural integrity. You DID say your transom is already solid.
If you want to add the polished aluminum diamond look, I suggest just a few highlites.....a couple trim strips along and just under the gunwale, maybe a couple stylized patches to the transom, but do it all ABOVE the high waterline.

Bolting the diamond plate to the stern/transom means drilling holes in the boat. That will be just one more way for water to get in the boat if the sealant fails. Bolting a plate to the aluminum will be another point of future corrosion even if they are both aluminum and if water gets in between them. Water can have impurities that do not play well with aluminum.

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