Customized 1996 Bass Tracker Pro Team 17 renovation

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Oct 16, 2022
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groves, texas
Hey guys. I decided to have some fun and remodel my old tracker. Pics are included.

NOTE: this is my first time doing something like this so mistakes were made. I do it because i like projects and to learn new things.

The things I’ve got so far are:

•Raised casting deck even with gunnels
•New 1/2” plywood. (Wanted aluminum or composite but $$$$)
•New EVA Foam floors
•add gas springs to hatches
•New running lights and dual LED light pods at bow
•New Switch Panel and all new wiring
• Adding motor trim switch to bow

To be Completed:
•frame rear deck, cut out hatches and put Eva foam on
•connect bow trim switch to wires
•Run wires for 12v aerator to switch panel
•add an emergency 3700gph bilge pump and wire to switch
• install retractable rod straps
• replace prop with a SS Powertech prop.
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Framed up the deck using a mix of 1/16 and 1/8 aluminum angle. I didn’t care for the sides to not be square being i only need the one large front hatch. I would have liked to add more support near the bow tip but didn’t wanna drill out/rivet anything below the waterline9DAE0209-9311-45A3-81C4-50DCF53C6D63.jpegEB975B20-00FC-4F43-AFA0-DF8140C3A923.jpeg
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Got the EVA foam installed on the front deck and fabricated a simple mount for the LED pods then installed - the zip ties are just to secure wires. Installed running lights. Very happy with both. Both very bright and total cost was around $45. They both had good reviews on Amazon.68195D29-EBF7-4F9F-B207-418C9BCB9419.pngE57C58A2-0087-49C0-AFFC-0348E26380C4.pngBE0127B4-21CF-4E4B-BB44-FB684C2ECCAD.pngC8870B64-B468-4996-9486-FB1075312390.png
Put my Terrova I-Pilot back on and ran all wires to this mini aluminum panel. I will add a trim switch and tie it in at the trim solenoids on the outboard and mount the bow switch into this aluminum panel with the blue and green wires in the picture. My TM stow/deploy wasn’t working right and I’m waiting on hardware to get that all out back together. Got the 1/2” floor cut and Eva foam installed. Riveted down with 1” rivets. Ran my EVA foam in the wrong direction for the floor but i said “F it”.
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This is the switch i used. Ran all new 16 gauge wire with fuses to all accessories. I would usually go bigger but everything on my switch panel pulls very low amps. New 1100 GPH bilge pump.
Stayed tuned for updates. Next will be bow trim switch install and Front deck retractable rod straps then rear deck framing.
WOW very nice!!

I have a 1995 Grumman 1754 that was once upon a time a bass boat pretty much like yours. I still have the front casting deck but I nearly got thrown overboard while trying to land a rockfish. A wave/wake hit the boat on the other side from where I was playing the fish and dumped hundreds of gallons of water into the boat. I lost the rod and fish but save the boat. I spent a long winter raising the gunnels 10" to hopefully keep that from happening again. So far with success. Sons and I used it to duck hunt from so it needed paint and I camoed it which is still the way it is now. This Winter I'm going to rewire everything and swap out light as you did and get it ready to chase trout on Henry's Lake next fall.

The older I get more I like the high sides!!
Literally spent 12 hours trying to wire a 3 way DPDT switch for the bow. Turns out i wasn’t as stupid as i was starting to believe. The first two switches i tried were bad. Also everyone on forums says to tie into the “blue and green” trim wires at the solenoid.. i ended up having to tie into a light blue (up) and pink (down) wire on my 2020 tohatsu coming soon.
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Been a little busy. Finally framed the rear deck and got it mostly completed. All i need to do to it is add 2 piano hinges to the 2 hatches. I also rebuilt my trolling motor stow/deploy system to where it works as intended. Just about done!662C40A2-255C-4F5C-86D3-FADA9B156E74.jpeg03272C37-72C0-4073-AFB0-840C0ED51ADA.jpeg8E8B1E35-BFCB-4860-AA92-8D7286FF1C89.jpeg