Did it....Purchased a 2017 Alumacraft V16!


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Tin Man

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Oct 1, 2011
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Picker her up yesterday! :beer: 650 mile round trip. It was well worth it!

I m excited about my new toy and the pleasure she will bring me and my sons and friends! :-D

Now....the fun begins with tricking it out to my personal tastes!! 8) :beer:

Original owner kept her in pretty good condition.


2017 Alumacraft V16
2017 Yamaha F25 LWTC (long shaft, electric start, power trim/tilt, RPM trolling adjuster)
2017 Karavan Trailer (model KBE-1250/900-46)

NOTE: Happy to be a Tinnie owner once again! :beer:


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Nice looking rig -- congratulations!

My outboard has a RPM/trolling control feature. I use it a lot more than I ever thought I would. Additionally, if you haven't had the PT&T before, you are really going to enjoy that.
Thanks guys!

Really excited about the potential for this simple boat.

Can't wait to trick her out to my personal liking!!! :beer:

A few things I'll be doing over the next several weeks.....

1. Motor is in need of a full service (oils, w-pump, filters, etc).
2. I'm also doing a few trailer mods to add some tongue length and also move the boat forward about 6" so it sits at/near Alumacraft specs per owner's manual.
Too late, I learned the truth in the saying: "A boat is a thing in the water that you fill with money."

Be safe and have a great time with it. It is beautiful.

=D> =D> =D>
Nice open design. If it was mine, I wouldn't change much at all. I like to be able to walk around in a boat. I also like that it's a tiller - consoles take up floor space. If I was to do mine over again, I'd get rid of the console and go with stick steer.
"Hey dude! Congrats! At what price did you get your boat? 'cause I saw similar boats here with different prices
And here but prices seem too old as their too low
https://www.jon-boats-for-sale.com/1442-jon-boat-for-sale-alumacraft-or-g3/ "

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