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Difference between aluminum and stainless props


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Dec 4, 2022
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Bowling Green KY
Bowling Green Kentucky
Hi I have a 16 ft Alumna Craft with a 40hp Mercury Force Mariner. What would be my pitch size of a aluminum Prop? And what would I go to in Pitch for a Stainless prop? It does have the fins for quick shoot out of the hoe. It does have trim & tilt that works fine. After I replaced trim pump.... I just recently replaced the 2 plugs changed from rapid fire plugs to the ones with tip on them. I found a plug wire that the hole booth from the lower end of plug wire would come off. I had noticed last time I had it in water that engine was missing. One plug wire cost over $13.00.Hoping to take it fishing some where Friday.I have it for sale for $4500/The boat and trailer have both been painted, boat Battleship gray. Trailer painted Smoke Gray And has same color of marine carpet a midnight gray as the whole inside of boat. Trailer has had harness replaced and new amber color led marker lights. And two led submersible tail lights added. Boat has two new led mounted spot lights. It has a string of red led lights completely around outside edges. And on one side on inside edges is a white led string of lights for night fishing. The front deck in a storage area was wired and fused for all electronics and led lights to a four way gang switch that also has a USB hook ups, and a Cig hookup. There is also same gang switch on rear deck. In each the fuse panel and hang switches were all replaced with new ones. And comes with a live well times mounted in dash. There is two seats to ride on. That as well as the two pedestal seats one on each deck. They are red & Gray. Between the two riding seats is a good size live well with a spray bar, and at the back of boat is a new live well pump. There is another fuse box just behind drivers seat for lights and stuff. The gang switches in dad control running lights a belge pump that you have to leave on with it's red lighted switch. Cause belge pump has a automatic floating switch that comes on when it senses water to cause it to float. This boat has many many features and may be older one but almost everything has been replaced with new parts. It even had had fuel line & bulb replaced, with two new tanks a red plastic 6 gallon one, & a 3 gallon tank. It had been licensed for 2023nin Kentucky. Trailer also has three including spare mounted to tongue of trailer wheels & tires all new.
Sorry I can't figure out how to paste three pictures of 899 Alumna Craft with 97 Mercury Force Mariner 40 hp with power trim & tilt...