Electronics/Graphs and TM info for Dummies!


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Tin Man

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Oct 1, 2011
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Electronics and TM...

Need to some guidance and information. I am a total novice on latest TM and graphs,

Looking to upgrade my stock 12V/42# TM and FF/GPS.
Upgrade to: 24V/80#/60" with iPilot/GPS and Lithium Batts.
Lithium Batts.....Two 12Vs or one 24V?

Purchased a new Lowrance Live 9. Was planning to install at console. Would also like a graph at bow.
Perhaps I should have thought about my Live 9 purchase and future upgrades and compatibility with other units...?

Before I purchase another FF, I need to make a decision on direction of brand and compatibility.

Fishing style: Trolling for Stripers and Typical fishing for Bass, Crappie, Bluegill....on So Cal Reservoirs and AZ Lakes.

Minn Kota or Motorguide TM (keeping TM cost under $2500)? Leaning towards MK, as (boat came equipped new with MK) original current mounting holes (MK) would match a new MK TM.

Which FF... are the TM brand specific?
Garmin Panoptix...what exactly does it do? I'm assuming with Panoptix...all graphs would need to ne Garmin...correct?
Do Lowrance and Hummingbird make something similar?

What else am I missing?

Still Afloat

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Feb 3, 2023
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Mead Washington
You need to consider a few things. How good is your vision? If it’s not what it used to be then don’t go smaller than a 7” screen. How will you use the TM? If working does or structure you may want a foot pedal. If trolling then the ability to set a course (MK iPilot) and a remote is useful.

By a unit with networking capability if you think you may add second FF in the future.