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Troutman3000 said:
If you remove it to the alluminum should you use an etching primer?

No, not with steelflex. The product has no problems with adhesion.
So you need just a gallon to do a normal sized Jon boat?

Non-Teflon is the reccomendation?

What exactly should I call and order from these folks??????


Troutman3000 said:

1 gallon? What is the pigment?

1 gallon should be enough. The pigment is the coloring added.
We have Steelflex overload on the board. Any way to combine these?
Which One is the normal one????


Call or fax us for our complete detailed catalog and for instruction sheets. If you don't see what you are looking for below, ask us.

Many of our products are not stock items.

EPOXY PASTE #88 Sets in 6 minutes any thickness. Feather edges in 45 minutes. High impact strength. Strong adhesive to Urethane, fiberglass, metal, foam, glass, wood
PASTE CLEAR #88 Fast setting epoxy liquid that is two part equal mix. Set in 6 minutes no matter the thickness. Epoxo 88 Clear also comes in a clear paste..
SUPERFLEX GREY #88 A more flexible version of Epoxo 88 for greater elasticity and impact resistance. Recommended for flexible plastic parts, urethane auto bumpers and repair of air bags.
SUPER STEELFLEX #9XS 100% solids. Superior chemical resistance. Excellent for Skydrol, Xylol, sulfuric acid, sea water, gasoline, diesel fuel etc. Good for gas and oil tank containment areas.
NUETRAL, WHITE #9X Good over teak deck for recoating, leaks, improve bonding where teak is no longer desired. Good for pontoons, foam ice box, photo development sink, aluminum and fiberglass.Used since 1961 for airboat bottoms.
TOP COATING 9X-CL-WC Clear epoxy coating for wood, hatch covers, slabs, bar tops, furniture. This is a 2 to 1 mixture.
CLOCK-EPOX #55 Clear epoxy coating for thick protective coatings on exotic wood, clocks, plaques, decoupage etc.
FLEXO # 12 Flexible epoxy where great flexibility and toughness is required. Will not shrink or crack. Excellent adhesion, outstanding chemical resistance, tight sealant against moisture, etc. Superior caulking & sealing compound.
LOW VISCOSITY EPOXY RESIN #103 LVX Very low viscosity laminating resin. Enables the laminator to produce high tensile strength lay ups with maximum wetting out. Best for penetration.
SURFACE #36 White primer surfacer for fiberglass where most any paint can be used as a top coat. This is a chlorinated rubber base synthetic primer. Surfacer has excellent adhesion, good sanding qualities, can be tinted and can be used as an exterior flat finish.
CLEAR STEEL #60 Urethane varnish containing UV inhibitor for maximum sun protection. Excellent for marine use and exterior woodwork.
IRONCOTE EPOXY PAINT #51 High Gloss. Excellent marine paint, warehouse floors, fiberglass. Good toughness, abrasion and chemical resistance..
FAS-STICK #110 Strongest bonding material yet developed. Metal to wood, glass to wood, metal to fiberglass, aluminum to glass, plexiglass to wood, foam to metal, concrete to wood, glass to concrete, wood to metal, marble to concrete.
LOW VISCOSITY 103-LVX For For concrete repairs. Can be mixed with sand to fill in large holes and cracks in concrete. Can lag bolts into concrete. Good for heavy forklift traffic. Can bring it from 2" down to zeo with no breaking away.
FAS-FOAM #65 Expands to 30 times its original liquid state volume. Extremely buoyant, chemically inert. Used around fuel tanks in boats. Bond silk plants in pots.
FAS-STONE #7 Epoxy putty for repairing concrete metal, wood, fiberglass etc. Bonds new concrete to old. Thick white putty used on dry to damp surfaces and underwater.
WATER BASED EPOXY COATING #50WR Excellent adhesion and abrasion resistance. Good for painting sinks and bathtubs. Clean up with water. Non flammable.
STEELFLEX SUPER SLICK EPOXY COATING #9X-2000 For airboats. Super slick surface is produced in one operation. Not necessary to spray an additional topcoat. Contains Teflon plus additional friction red additives.
RESIN #34 Water clear. Low viscosity, thin like water. Practically no fumes Virtually no shrinkage. Non toxic when cured. Slow set to allow bubble release.
23 ULTRA CLEAR PLUS High build coating for decorative panels, bars, table tops.
FAS-STEEL #6000 Metallized epoxy compound. Fast, dependable repair of all metallic surfaces.
CLEAR GLOSS #39 Low cost, high build clear coating for tables and bar tops. Protective coating over styrofoam. Strengthens styrofoam without attacking it.
PRIMER #53 A highly durable corrosion preventive primer for use on steel, galvanized steel or previously painted surfaces. Excellent on boat lifts, used on forks or forklift taking boats out of water to protect the metal.

SUPERSHINE #72 Chatahoochee sealer. One part, no mixing.
EPOXY SEALER #92 For re-gluing loose rocks and restoring shine on chatahoochee.
RODAFLEX #70 Urethane varnish with high percentage UV absorber for maximum exterior protection.
STOP ROT #99 Penetrates into pores of wood and stops rot. Rotted areas are impregnated with the resin and hardener into a flexible solid mass which no longer rots.
FISHING ROD FINISH #39PF Yellow resistant epoxy for fishing rod threads.
FASCO-LITE #75 Clear Urethane floor coating. One part, no mixing
MARBLE EPOXY COMPOUND #26MEC Gluing and repairing marble surfaces.
FAS FAIR #26 Epoxy light weight faring compound. Faring boat hull, sculptures, statues, etc.
FAS-REZ #101 Polyester bonding resin for repairing boat floors, transom, bait wells and rusted out car or truck bodies.
COAL TAR EPOXY #54 Polymid cured epoxy containing coal tar. Great toughness, adhesion and ultra violet resistance combined with extremely high moisture resistance. Protects against substrates exposed to corrosive atmosphere
FAS-STONE #7UW Especially for underwater repairs. Very thick to fill in voids in submerged concrete, wood, steel or fiberglass.
FEP #77 Fast setting epoxy putty. Sets in 4 minutes. Very thick yet light weight. Good for vertical, overhead gluing and filling. Does not sag
Troutman3000 said:
Which One is the normal one????
STEELFLEX CLEAR, NUETRAL, WHITE #9X Good over teak deck for recoating, leaks, improve bonding where teak is no longer desired. Good for pontoons, foam ice box, photo development sink, aluminum and fiberglass.Used since 1961 for airboat bottoms. .
Not pictured is the small container of the colorant of your choice.
For those looking for a color outside of standard....If I'm not mistaken, it could be matched to anything if you had someone at a paintstore add colorant. Jerry at Fasco could confirm that.
wow great info .. great topic i also had almost the same questions..

for my 14ft jon boat that has the bottom 4ft and top 6ft long how much steel flex would i need . i would like to to also my entire boat ;) =D> :mrgreen:

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