First boat 14 foot semi V budget build

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Nov 18, 2018
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Well guys finally decided to start a build thread. This is my first boat and my first boat project. I've always been an avid fisherman and up until the last four years or so I've had at least a relatives or friends boat to fish from however no one has a boat anymore and on a recent fishing trip with my daughter I decided I'm done with bank fishing and decided to find myself a budget build boat because with two kids and being young the budget is tight. However with my birthday being November 19th I decided to buy myself a dang boat.

I found this 1969 Delhi riveted Semi V 14 footer posted for $400

Ended up haggling on down to $200 got the boat a trailer and a older man Kota 65 trolling motor that actually works it's a 5 speed with forward and reverse. She needs some work but I love to work on things and I love projects I've built plenty of jeeps however this is my first boat.
Getting the boat was a little bit of an adventure going and seeing it came back and talk to the wife and then try to haggle him down via phone he ended up saying if I brought them 200 right now on the spot he would let it go he wants it out his garage so a boogie in my butt the 25-minute drive down to go pick up my new boat everything went good everything was all right the only problem was both trailer tires were pretty well brittle I figured I'd take back roads and drive slow there was only a 3 Mile section of highway I had to drive well what do you know on that 3 Mile Highway Drive I blew a tire and what do you know it's 6:30 at night on a Sunday not a single place is open to get a tire so I end up using a trailer lock and leaving the boat there. So Monday morning national day of my birthday I spent 6:30 a.m. on the side of the highway and changing a tire and dragging my new boat home but I sure am happy this will be a slow build and a budget build however I plan on pretty much redoing the whole boat. I'm creating This thread kind of as a personal Journal and for anyone who cares to see it can see it and I'd appreciate any and all advice as I have tons of questions and honestly no idea what I'm doing when it comes to aluminum boats.
tracker101 said:
I,m not sure what is happening,, but your photos are,nt being displayed. ( Well, One pic decided to show up ) OK, now they,re coming, they must be a large file size.

That's strange there off my phone and when i have viewed the post i could see the pics thats weird. Update coming tonight or morning aswell. Hard to find time between kids work and wife lol.
Well guys not much of an update was able to completely wire wheel all the rivets on the bottom of the boat to be sealed before painted. The PO had also gorilla glued ALL the rivets on the outside. I wanted to do my leak test without all the gorilla glue. Over all 4 leaks on the bottom and the transom well....Water just kind of poured out TONS of unnecessary screw holes all of which were completely rusted. So i decided to start the to me big jon of rebuilding the transom. This is my first boat so completely learning as I go.
I was able to get the transom removed after fighting a bunch of OE rivets and all the screws from the PO..

Here is a pic of the transom removed and holes all patched up. Forgot to snap a pic before flipping it so no pic of the bottom wire wheeled at this time.


Transom wood removed


Holes all patched. Yes i know i should of had it welded but i dont have the equipment and this is a budget sensitive build.
You have a boat that will last 25 more years before it needs another refirb. Whats cheap? $1 a year? Fix the dam thing right. You have a nice nice boat. I like it!
Stumpalump said:
You have a boat that will last 25 more years before it needs another refirb. Whats cheap? $1 a year? Fix the dam thing right. You have a nice nice boat. I like it!

If i could afford it id definitely go all out. for now if itll last 3-5 years before i redo it ill be happy this time around is a learning experience. Think ill go with a 1/2 inch piece of UT plywood glued to each other like iv found done on these fourms. Of course properly preserved.

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