First Boat Project - 1989 Tracker Pro 17

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Tach, Voltage, and Water Pressure are the ones that I use. I have a working speedometer, that I can't remember even glancing at. I also have a tilt/trim gauge that I don't use either.
Finally got the boat tore down this weekend. A little more cleanup needed and then plan to apply the gluvit to all rivets on the inside of the hull. I have also spoke with a guy about welding my hull cracks and I'm hoping he will stop by this week to look at it.

I'm anxious to get to a point where I can start framing out the new decks. I plan to use 5052 1/8" aluminum sheet for the floor and decks. What thickness aluminum sheet should I use inside hatches? I'm hoping to add a lot of storage under the soon to be extended front deck. I already have the 1" aluminum angle and tubing so I'm ready to go back together hopefully soon.


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Anything that you're not standing on can be simple 1/16" material. No reason to get fancy or add extra weight.

Looking good. These boats are huge when everything is pulled out!
Cracks in aluminum can be a pain in the ***.
If you weld them, drill 1/16" holes at the ends of the crack so the weld fills the hole and ends the crack or it will continue to pop up.

Would you recommend welding hull cracks from the inside or outside? No experience with this and not sure it matters. Thanks
OK, I'm back working on the boat after deer and waterfowl hunting hard over the last several months. I have managed to get the cracks in the hull welded, all leaking rivets replaced, and gluvit on all rivets. I'm planning another leak test tomorrow to make sure everything I have done worked as expected. If so the framing will begin later this week. I have to be on the water in early March so feeling a bit anxious as that time will fly by.

I have managed to get a new Minn Kota Maxxum 70 lb. trolling motor, Minn Kota MK330PC onboard charger, new bilge pump, and several other small items. Ordering my aluminum sheets this week for decking and compartments. I'm fired up to get back to work on the boat but nervous about how much time I have. All of this is new to me and of course I took it all apart and waited almost 3months to go back together with it. Wish me luck :LOL2:
Check your transom board while you've got it torn down. My 89 model was rotten. Had to cut the cap off on the rear and pull it out. I'm going to rebuild one and glass it so it will last longer.
hi jkitchene , saw your question about the leds on the other thread. Your thread is one I have bookmarked for research for my project . lol
And I had a question for you as well , so figured I would respond here.

The leds I put on mine I got from Bass Pro , ( sure you can find them cheaper somewhere else)
they had a couple different kinds,
White/Blue- which is the one's I got .(switchable) Can't remember for sure how much they were , think like $15 or $20

How did your crack welding turn out ? Got any pics of the repair? I have the same problems only on both sides #-o
Welds turned out good, we left them built up a little and I have replaced the rivets and used 5200 on them. I have put Gluvit on every rivet and water tested the boat again and she is dry. Hopefully it will stay that way. I will try to snap some pics on the weld tomorrow as I'm hoping to get to work on it some tomorrow evening.
Did you have any crack ribs? My project boat has several corners of the ribs cracked/broken off.

KRS62, I didn't have any cracked ribs just the hull cracks between the rivets and the end of the ribs

Trackerpuzzle, I have attached a pic of one of the welds. They looked exactly like yours when we started. The lines you see that may appear like cracks are where the weld is built up and we didn't sand it all the way down to the hull. I have water tested it and all 6 welds held tight. Sorry for the poor pic, I was trying to lay on my back under the boat with my cell phone.


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Hey thanks for the reply pic jkitchene ! Glad they sealed up for you. Hopefully I will get mine to the welder this weekend .

KRS62 said:
Did you have any crack ribs? My project boat has several corners of the ribs cracked/broken off.

I did have about an inch broke off of one , from the last rivet to the end
Progress update:

All new thru hull fittings
New Bilge and aerator installed
Minn Kota Maxxum 70 lb. Thrust installed (not wired)
Seat box built and carpeted, still need to build hinged lids
New consoled installed and steering hooked back up
Rear deck near complete, waiting on new livewell from before I can wrap it up
Front deck started, waiting on a rod locker lid and 2 hatches from Dawson at Fish On Fabrications

I'm hoping to get throttle cables replaced this week and side control mounted. Needing to get boat to my mechanic to check motor out as it was cutting out at higher RPM's last year. I have a new switch panel from New Wire Marine along with recirculating timer from Flow Rite that I hope to mount in the console this week. Hoping to start wiring next weekend if not before. I painted the new console but not real happy with the color, it was supposed to be darker. I'm pressed for time as I have my first tourney on March 15th so I may go back and repaint later. I still have a long way to go but making progress slowly but surely :) Drilling into my thumb with a 5/16" drill bit slowed me down a bit this weekend :oops:


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great progress!
Looking at that console also . Looks like a lot less wasted space.
Keep the pics coming so I can figure out how to put mine back together :LOL2:
I am really digging your restore project! You have me re-thinking the way I did mine. I think I really like your console. I say I think, because I currently store some odds and ends under mine occasionally. I sometimes use the space under my console to store life jackets, and the boat cover, etc. However that is also where I mounted my new fuse panel and the fire extinguisher. I really like the openness under yours for easier access to everything. I just wonder if I would have trouble with the lighter stuff blowing out for under when trailering. (With my 25 Hp . I am not that worried about losing that stuff on the water...) :LOL2:

Your build is really looking great so far. Keep up the good work!
Thanks Daryn, I really like the console but will be extending the deck all the way to it. So it will be closed in but is MUCH smaller than my orginal and that gave me a lot more deck space that I'm adding hatches to. I didn't have much storage originally but will have a lot when I'm done. I'm working on it every night as I have to be ready for a tournament on 3/15. I about have it wired but still waiting on some critical items (hatches & livewell) before I can button it up. The hatches should be here this week and I'm hoping the livewell will be as well. I still have a long way to go and very little time but I'm giving it the ol' college try.
I'm making progress for sure but it has been slow. Finished up my console and most of my wiring. My hatches from Dawson at Fish On Fabrications came in yesterday. We laid them in place to just give me an idea of what they would look like and I started framing them in last night.

My rear compartment is almost done but waiting on my livewell to arrive (Monday or Tuesday) so I can finish plumbing it before mounting my 3 bank charger.

My hope is to finish the wiring and the entire front deck this weekend including carpet. A lot to do there but I have limited time before I have to be on the water. It is coming together nicely and I can't wait to fish out of it.


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Man! That thing is gunna be frigging slick! Is that a rod locker in the middle? I initially wanted to add a rod locker in mine but opted to continue to strap them down. Those dingy rod tubes that came in the boat aren't good for much of anything. Again, looking awesome!