First Boat Project - 1989 Tracker Pro 17

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Thanks JMill! Yes, the rod locker is in the middle. My buddy has that set up in his Lowe and I really like it. It will easily handle my 8 foot rods and being in the middle it is always clear to open. Any rods on the deck are always along the side. I also left as much room as I could along the side of the hatch next to it so I can open it with rods on the deck too. It is coming together nicely but I have to fish out of it next Sunday 3/15 so I need things to go well this weekend :lol:
Well, I made some progress this weekend but not as much as I would have liked. I got my hatches from Dawson installed and the my front deck in place. I was hoping to get some carpet down but ran out of time.

How critical do you think it is that I scuff up my new aluminum sheet before carpeting? I'm running out of time but don't want it coming up either.


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I think that keeping pressure on the carpet while the glue is curing is more important than scuffing the aluminum. Use some sand bags or feed bags and place them on top while curing. The tricky part is the vertical panel next to your console. When I pulled the original carpet off my Pro 17, I found that the vertical carpet behind the seats weren't well adhered as compared to the top surfaces.

Either way, make sure you give it a couple of days before doing a lot of walking on it.

Good luck!
Your build is really turning out nicely! I love your new storage and rod locker!!! Make sure to post some final pics. I, for one, am looking forward to seeing the awesome results of all your hard work.
Awesome looking build. I'm looking at a very similar boat next weekend ('89 Tracker Pro 17). It's definitely a 'project' boat so I'll be stealing some of your ideas!

Is the deck extension from Fish On Fabrication stand alone or did you have to anchor it? Were they reasonably priced? This seems like the way to go.

The boat I'm looking at has no motor - is the transom set for a long shaft motor?

Try using some DAP Weldwood for the carpet. Here is a link:

I used it on bunks when I carpeted them, and it seems to be holding up very well. If it was me, I would scratch the decks up with something (sanding, abrasive pad, etc) to give it some "teeth" to give the glue and carpet to hold. I understand you got a time constraint, but don't rush the job on carpet on such an excellent build. If you do, you may have to redo the carpet job over again, adding more time and $$$MONEY$$$ to your project. Do it right the first time, and you'll be happy you did.

I finished up my boat about 3:30 am the morning of my first tourney last year. To be honest I wouldn't change a thing. I has tons of room and fishes great. The livewell has kept all of my fish alive as I have an aerator and separate recirculating pump w/timer. I bought 2 hatch lids and the rod locker lid from fish on fabrications. I framed them in with aluminum angle and everything is attached via rivets. I don't have any finished pics on my computer but can get some if you have questions. I did post a few of the last cell phone pics I snapped while trying to finish in a haste before tourney day.


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Some final pics would be nice when you can.....:) I have a 92 Pro17. Looks very nice, good job.
i have a 91 pro17 that i am wanting to do... wondering about the price from Fish On for the deck extension???