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May 11, 2023
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Kansas City MO
BACK STORY: 2022 was my first year waterfowl hunting. Fell in love pretty hard, decided I wanted my own boat so I can go (easier) whenever I want. Found this on facebook market place and decided I wanted it for the price. 1988 1648 Lowe with an Evinrude 30 hp tiller. I asked all the questions (not my first boat). Seller was honest; dry rot tires but thread good, not sure if you will make it home going 70 on I-70. Well I blew a tire about 6 miles outside columbia. Couldn't have been much more convinent than it was. I jacked it up and took the blown tire off. Spare was so rusted on I couldnt get it off. So I dropped the boat and ran to walmart 6 miles away and bought 2 tires on rims. Get back to boat, tire wont go on, was on a grade on side of high way and jack was maxed. Let all the air out of the tire and get it on. Luckily I was thinking and had my Ryobi portable air compressor. Filled tire and was on my way. Pulled over next exit and changed the other tire. Made it home to begin my project.

Planning to put a longtail mud motor on it eventually and sell the Evinrude as this will be exclusively a duck boat.

Purchased May 8th 23
Started May 9th 23






You think I should grind that lip off and just make most of that backing transom/wood? It would be way easier to cut and replace. I've seen a lot of boats like that. Don’t want to mess up and do something I shouldn’t. I don’t see that it adds a great deal of strength as is.




What does a guy do about this?



The lip I asked about in the first post was just riveted on. I drilled out the rivets to make replacing the transom easier. Will put back with stainless bolts and lots of sealant. Also today I didn’t have much time so I took the tail lights and side runner boards off the trailer.

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Good looking boat, it Should fly with that motor.
Got the hubs off today. Decided on all new assemblies. Lots of grinder and wire brushing today. Power washed. Getting close to paint time

Ran out but looking good after 3 cans of rust stopper

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Bunks painted and carpeted. Winch. Jack. Break away chains. Trailer wiring ran. Tomorrow side boards and tail lights. Hubs if they show up.
Trailer finished. Started on transom today. Doing fiberglass resin on each piece to keep water and air tight.
Spent about 2 and half hours cleaning the inside of the boat out last week. Amazing how dirty it was and all the stuff stuck under the benches. I wonder if it’s been outside its whole life lol.

Been working on the transom. Glued together with screws. Doing two coats of fiberglass resin on all sides. One more coat to go and ready for install.

Got the transom in. Brace and plate. Did water test. Nothing I did leaked. Found 3 or 4 rivers around middle of boat I need to fix other than that she’s water ready. Going to super slick the bottom then paint the boat. I need to snip some bolts still.

I sold the motor last month. When I got the motor the pull cord was broken and I had no idea if it ran. He took some money off the package due to this. Had a guy come look at it, new cord and it fired right up. We were both pleased.