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I agree completely with the two posts above. Make sure you are actually having a problem before worrying too much.

You don't have to be in the water to test it out. Turn everything on while sitting on the trailer. Turn your trolling motor and radio on while watching the chartplotter/sonar. If no interference, your routing was successful. Then go fishing!
Sorry for the novel. I do get worried to much. This is a rebuild and I spend to much time finding things on the internet finding possible problems. I’m almost ready to dunk it and then I’ll try everything out. I like Stillaflosts process of elimination. I won’t turn on the Garmin because they said not to run the transducer out of the water.
It takes a while for a transducer to get hot, especially in cool weather. A few minutes is not an issue.

That being said, don't forget to turn it off and leave it running after a fishing trip. I did that once, a long time ago. Walked by the boat a few days later and heard a ticking sound. Then I realized what it was and yes, the unit was on. I worried that I'd messed up my 'ducer, but fortunately, it didn't hurt anything. Ever since then, as per the owner's manual, I always use switched power going to my units. Some units will turn themselves on, and many will draw power when not in use, which causes issues. Hit the switch and it won't be an issue.

If you really must, dunk the boat at the nearest ramp and test for interference. There probably won't be any. My Garmin 94SV is next to a 300 watt stereo, a 25 watt VHF radio, two other GPS and FF units, a huge console full of switches and other stuff and a 24V Riptide in the front of the boat, and no interference. My 93SV and Livescope in the Princecraft is in my console with everything else, and no interference. You are probably safe.

Then get out and enjoy!
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