Flat Bottom Jon vs V Hull


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Mar 14, 2021
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Insights appreciated. Have a 16 foot flat bottom fisher jon boat that is 55 inches wide at the floor - 1988. Boat is mostly used for crabbing and fishing in sounds and on the intercoastal waterway. > 90% of large boats slow down when they pass particularly if close. Occasionally we get rocked pretty good and need to be careful to not take water over the bow. How much better would a modified V Hull or potentially a V Hull do with large boat wakes or handling chop in higher winds in the sound.

Typically have 2-3 people including myself in the boat and just added 20 HP tiller engine. Put a good deal of time getting the current flat bottom boat how i want it, seats, paint, floor etc. Wondering if i would be better off with a different shaped hull that could handle a little rougher water. Assume the trade off (other than cost of a new boat) would be with stability and potentially floor space without the flat bottom.

Many Thanks for your feedback,
I use a Naden16' utility vee hull, similar to a Lund. I think if you went with a deep vee you'd never look back.

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