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Mar 11, 2023
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Good day! I have an older aluminum jon boat that I cannot figure out what it is. Wondering if any of you all can help me. Surely someone has seen one of these before.
Ill say that it has some unique features for a jonboat that I will list below, and I will provide measurements.
  • 13' 7" long measured across the top of the boat
  • 33" wide measured on the inside of the boat at the middle
  • 48" wide measured across the top at the middle
Unique features
  • Has a double rib design across the side
  • The boat bows out with a slight curve on each side making it wider in the middle than on the bow or stern.
  • Has a flat ribbed rail on each side capped by a rounded in the inside molding on the bow and stern.
  • The plug is in the bottom of the boat at the rear and has a threaded plug with a half circle shroud around the lead edge on the bottom.
  • The transom has a slightly curved profile on each side.
There appear to be no stamped numbers on the boat. As you can see we used some paint stripper on the transom to see if there were some faded stamped numbers in the usual spots.

Any ideas?? Id love to get this thing registered, but can't without knowing what it is and if it even has numbers.


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