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Get it running well, USE the boat, take good pics and video of it running and flip it when you are ready, but not too late in the season.

Then over the winter, search for a boat closer to what you want. You can do this over and over again, if you buy right, and each time you will upgrade to a nicer boat. A fun hobby, if you are suited for it. I've been doing this for years, and it has been very interesting.
Use it for a year, spend the Winter reviewing your satisfactions and disappointments with the 14ftr, make a decision next Spring. You have a perfectly suitable boat that is paid for right now; use it and see if the performance of the fishing boat matches your performance in it.

(I'd just keep it. Stop looking at what it is not and evaluate what it is.)

Be safe.
Rivets and SS screws are cheap and easy to install so the excess holes should not be an issue... However, in my over 60 years of boating, I have learned that if a boat does not suit my needs, don't hack it up, no one will trust or want it down the road.. Your boat is worth much more being in its original condition. Minor mods are different, but major mods are generally not worth the effort.. I recently downsized to a side console as I normally fish alone and this gives me plenty of room and still keeps the steering and controls.. Trying to find the right boat can be a long tuff search, don't be in a hurry, being in a rush can create poor purchases!!! I spent over three months searching, drove many hundreds of miles only to walk away because owners did not tell the truth!! After looking at a couple dozen boats, the right one came along, but I had to drive over 200 miles, cash in hand, at odd hours to be there when the owner got home from work!! Sometimes yoy need to be the first one there to get the buy..
I would clean up what you have and take the money and go shopping, might have to wait yntil falk to get the better bargain..
I would do similar, well said

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