Let's see those tin rigs!!


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Feb 14, 2021
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Boston, MA
Hello anglers and fellow aluminum bass boat owners! Let's see those tin rigs! We envision this forum to be a place where we can chat about our boats, upgrades, performance, what we like, don't like, lures, techniques, etc... lets have some fun, I'll start:

Division fished: NH and MA (Northeast)
2020 G3 Sportsman 1810 in White, with a 115 hp Yahama VMAX

Lowrance Ghost
12in HDS Ti^2 at the bow
9in HDS Ti^2 at the console
(2) 12V Lithium Batteries from Battleborn
New 3 bank 10A charger, programmed for 2 lithiums

I love this boat, get about 45 mph top end. On the trolling motor, I get about 4+ mph on high, and the charge on these things lasts forever. I ran 2 days at 90% and the ghost still read HIGH on voltage reading, so I prob could've ran another full day. Best upgrade I made was the ghost and lithums. I might be a ghost/lithium combo fan for life, even though they're expensive options.