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Sep 11, 2020
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Lansing, MI
Good Afternoon fellow boat enthusiasts

I have an early 80s Mariner 40c that is on a 1978 Starcraft I have refurbished. I was able to get the motor running fairly quickly which was nice...however, when I turn the key off on the remote throttle, the engine stays running.

This setup was sitting in some dudes driveway for YEARS, so I wasn't surprised there was some electrical malfunctioning. I bought and replaced the key/ignition system on the remote throttle but yet it still does not turn off. Magically a few months later, as I plopped her in the water, it did run and also turned off appropriately by the key, so I figured this was some weird fluke and didnt worry about it as it worked appropriately most of summer.

Last week, as I was idling it in the drive with mufflers, it did not turn off by key as it had been most of summer. I also noticed as it was running, I lifted the "fast idle" lever on the Quicksilver remote throttle, I received a pulsating shock (presumably spark plug). I have no idea where this is coming from. I have read online it is a ground wire issue? I went through checking grounds but truly not sure where this is originating from. Mechanical I am pretty savvy, electrical I have issues comprehending.

I attached some pics to get a gauge of what I am working with. First pic is after I gutted the innards.
Any advice helps,

signal-2023-09-18-125255_002.jpeg signal-2023-09-18-125255_003.jpeg

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