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Apr 12, 2010
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Fenton, Missouri
Hey gang....

Long time member that a few of you might remember. Been a "lurker" for the past handful of years but still watching and reading.

Quick explanation to this post....

I've made my living for 36 years as a pro photographer but never really got into the video side. Well it's time for me to learn and get in the I decided this was the year to learn. To keep me motivated I decided (actually it was my wife's idea) to start a youtube channel where I post things about fishing or whatever strikes my fancy..but mostly fishing related since that's all I really think about.'s a link to my latest video. A "not so short" story about my favorite fishing moment/day.

Take a look if you have time. If big deal, but thanks either way.

If you like what you see....feel free to like and sub. There will be fishing videos coming as soon as I can get on water instead of ice. (hopefully soon)


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