Need advice Lowe Husky 1960M

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Apr 4, 2014
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I have a Lowe 1960M that I don’t know what to do with. I just cleaned her all up. The motor is tiller1991 40 Johnson. Has issues like the cylinder for the lift is frozen. I believe the lower unit is close to being in need of a rebuild. This costly. Besides, I hate this thing it’s almost killed me several times when you hit something the motor never comes up fast enough it has a shock absorber cylinder and it violently throws you to the left or to the right you better hold on. I can’t stand the design I need a motor that flips up. One of my questions is how much does a decent 40 horse run and what kind would you buy? My top speed going down River myself is 27 miles an hour. It has a 12 V trolling motor on it now. But I have a brand new 24 V Minnkota power drive and a hook Garmin. That’s not hooked up. The boat is gigantic beam is 83 inches. It can take nine passengers. Lol. It’s a total open concept with a little deck up front. It’s totally bare bones. It has an aluminum floor It’s totally bare bones. I’ve had a lot of fun in this boat. But it’s just something else I have to take care of. So I don’t know should it stay or should it go? The trailer is in good shape. It’s a shorelander, I’m not saying I’m gonna sell it but how much is something like this worth?DE5552D6-B2AC-4C51-A5C9-391A8D631D26.jpegDE5552D6-B2AC-4C51-A5C9-391A8D631D26.jpeg29F4EC42-8752-4157-AD53-2E98ED99CF33.jpeg
If you’re contemplating selling it, do it NOW! Before you put more money into, that you won’t get back.
For what it’s worth, that boat looks like a great template to work with, lots of room!

For engine parts, your local dealer,,

For new engine pricing, figure $120 per horsepower. I advise, if buying new, to do so through a local dealer. That way, when there’s issues, they’ll work on it quicker than if you bought a new one online.

If you put a new engine on it, unless you’re putting the boat on a hp restricted lake, MAX the engine!!!

For pricing of the rig, as it sits, look on OfferUp, Craigslist, marketplace in your area. The prices vary greatly across the country.
Bet new motor cost is now over 150 per hp, they have really gone up. My local dealer claims 3-4 month wait if not in stock and he doesn't have much stock!! Big hp engines like over 250 hp has a year long wait !! If that ole two stroke still has life, get it fixed, I am still a big fan of them over heavy and expensive to repair four strokes.
However, if you choose to keep it, you have a great starting point !!

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