Need help identifying this boat.

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Aug 25, 2022
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Lexington, SC
I picked up an old jon boat, motor and trailer for next to nothing a few months ago. It came with zero paperwork and the folks I got it from had it given to them from a late friends estate with no paperwork. I have very few clues to go on to try and identify this boat. I think it may be a late 60's early 70's Sears boat but that is a guess at best. It measures exactly 13ft 11in just like it says in the catalog of that time, and the winch on the trailer is clearly stamped "Sears". The motor that came with it was a 1969 Mercury 110 9.8HP so that's why I'm thinking that time frame. Pictures I've seen of Sears boats look like they had a plastic badge riveted on the rear sides of the boat. Mine no longer has those badges but it has the holes where those badges may have been. I've since put new rivets in those spots to fill the holes. There looks to be an area on the upper right of the transom where there may have been a HIN plate riveted to the transom but that is no longer there. The seats have a 1 inch overhang on the front only which I've yet to see in other pictures. I'll add some pictures of some of the clues I mentioned above as well as some others. Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm stumped with this one.


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