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Aug 14, 2016
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Clayton California
I used an accumulation of gift cards to purchase a Lamiglas Insane surf rod. The Insane is Lamiglas' made in SE Asia entry level model. Though, with a $150 price tag it isn't so "entry level" for my pocketbook. Still, with the gift cards I was only out-of-pocket $8 and change . The one I got is 10' and will handle 1-3 oz lures. I'm pairing it with an Okuma Ignite reel w/15# test. Going to try it out this coming Monday.

I'll have this and my old 8.5' UglyStik steelhead rod for surf fishing. The UglyStik is rated for up to 1.5 oz, but I use it routinely with 2 oz sinkers with no problems.

My new surf rod will replace my 30 + year old Garcia Conolon 10' surf rod. Truth be told, I just want something lighter. The Garcia Conolon has had all but one of the guides replaced and all new wraps including a hook keeper. My fishing partner son has laid claim to it.
Gave the new surf rod a shake down yesterday. My son and I hit the beach later in the day to fish the outgoing tide. I caught 8 surf perch (Redtails). Brought 5 home. Took us a while to find them, but when we did, it was pretty much bang, bang, bang. A lot of fun.

I like the new rod a lot. I was getting pretty decent casts using a 3 oz sinker (max for this model). Being a graphite rod the feel is incredibly better than my old Garcia fiberglass rod. Seems I could literally feel the pyramid sinker rolling around. It is light compared to the old rod, which, me being an old out of shape guy, is important. The vote is still out on the smaller size 55 Okuma spin reel. I think it is because of the slower gear ratio. Next trip I think I'll use the larger 65 size I had on the other rod. There is only about a 6" per turn difference, but I sure seem to notice it. IDK, maybe I just need to get used to it.

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