New Tohatsu 60hp

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Jul 12, 2017
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Springfield, MO
Two years ago I rehabbed a 2011 90hp Fourstroke Merc, repaired a scored cylinder, new piston. Had some fuel pump trouble but has ran flawlessly since.

I was concerned about the added weight of the four stroke from the start but decided to go through with the swap anyway. The boat handles it pretty well for the most part, however the performance gain was not really worthwhile (3-5mph on the top end over the 75hp two stroke I had before), and the transom brace that I made is starting to crack. It also doesn't tow as well with the extra weight, just not an ideal situation all around.

I have read about the new Tohatsu 60hp triples. They're pretty attractive weight wise at 220lbs or so, the Merc is nearly 400. Anyone own that model and can share their thoughts? I think I could sell the Merc and have one for a couple grand out of pocket.

If I was going to go through that process, I would likely ditch the side console, gut the rear deck, and do a tiller conversion at the same time, that is the setup I have always wanted, and would hopefully save some more weight in the process.

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