Older Tracker Grizzly 1754


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Oct 4, 2016
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While fishing, I really like this boat. On flat water, it runs fast and smooth. In the slightest chop, I hate this boat...

The aluminum console and really the entire boat, shakes like the dickens. I mean shakes. I have had to bolt the quick mount on the trolling motor down so it doesn't shake off. The whole freakin boat shakes.

I am a guide in Maryland and am giving up the business this summer and want just one boat. I have this boat with a 60HP Evinrude E-Tech and a center console 19' Atlantic with a 90HP HO Evinrude E-Tech (I love this motor...)

My ideal dream would be to sell the Tracker and the hull of the Atlantic, get an aluminum hull that I could bass fish (what I am at heart) but, fish bigger water when I want to fish bigger water. (I can't in the Tracker) I want a 18-19' aluminum center console and would like to mount the 90HO on it.

Or, rid myself of boat ownership altogether, sell both and get decked out kayak.

I'd also consider keeping the Grizzly if I could somehow keep it from shaking the welds and my fillings loose...

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