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Nov 29, 2006
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Shrewsbury, MA
Please join me in welcoming Razor Baits as Tinboats newest sponsor. Jim Lanza (Owner of Razor Baits) and I have been online friends for a few years now. We met on a Bait builders website and started communicating about bait making, tips on using certain baits, and just general day to day life things. I can honestly say Jim is a friendly, genuine guy and truly appreciate the value he sees here with what we have built over the years at TinBoats.

I love the baits that Jim produces at Razor Baits, so much so, that those are the baits I buy to make my promotional bait giveaways. Maybe one day you will see me and I will hand you a pack. :lol:

Why do I love these baits so much? Because they work! If you know me, you know I'm not that good at fishing. :LOL2: I'm the one that you should pick last for the team. :lol:
These baits make even me look good. RazorBaits were the baits we used exclusively on our recent family fishing vacation. Everyone was catching, that is not normally the case with us. Here are some pics of our recent trip.........

Black, Black with blue glitter, Black with Blue tail, Black with Bluetail and glitter......kicked serious butt on my last three trips.

On a more serious note, I urge you to head on over to the RazorBaits website, look around, and consider making your next bait purchase with them. If you have questions, reach out to Jim directly, here hopefully soon, or even social media like Facebook. Razor Baits is a small shop based out of Florida. They offer multiple styles of baits and custom colors. Customer service is where Jim excels, trust me on this.

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Thank you for supporting us here on, I truly appreciate it. Guys and Gals, if you're looking to purchase some plastics, please consider our board sponsors first as they help keep our awesome site growing.