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Mar 11, 2017
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I've been looking for quite a while now for a larger boat. I'd like it to be a multi-purpose boat. I've located a aluminum deck boat that's been sitting a couple of years. I'm not concerned with the furniture at all, it will probably be scrapped. I want it for a large stable platform. I figure it will make a decent 19 foot boat with a couple large casting decks and good size walkarounds. It has a decent looking trailer from the pics and a 96/97 Johnson 90 on it that hasn't been run in a while. It's a couple hundred miles from me so I need to take a lot of things with me. I'm bringing a compression gage, spark plug wrench, air bubble, tire wrench, battery, etc. I don't know if the tires will be weather checked or not but it's been sitting 2 years so I'm assuming they're trash. I'll be doing a visual inspection of the hull which I assume will be riveted, it's a 97 Lowe 19 footer. Then I plan on walking around on the deck to see if they're are any soft spots that will need addressed and checking out the transom.

Can anyone suggest a good way to get the motor to crank if there aren't any keys? Anything else I'm not thinking about? Thanks guys
search vintage lowe boat catalogs. I did, this is what I found. It would be a great boat. It might have an aluminum floor instead of plywood. Lasts forever, difficult to re-carpet. If the transom is rotten, Lowes are a pain in the butt to replace because of the welded transom.


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Thanks for that info! Appreciate it. Guy sold the boat so the search continues. Anyone happen to know if the Lowes were welded or riveted?

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