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My 14'6" Sylvan Sport Troller...30hp Mercury 4 stroke/EFI/Power tilt-trim....2.5 Suzuki kicker on bracket.....50# MinnKota trolling....Optima batteries....Hummingbird fishfinder and Lowrance Fishfinder/GPS....




I got the motor running,150 mercruiser ,it purred like a kitten. It has fwd and reverse, impeller is shot, the hydraulics leak,and water got in the oil when I bypassed the water pump maybe that was a bad idea.
The floor and dash need replacing .


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1968 Alumacraft, I believe it’s the F7.
1990 Johnson 8hp.

I just picked her up last Friday and couldn’t be any happier.
Would like to add a casting and maybe some more horses.
My new to me 2008 Explorer Industries 162 with a Yamaha 60/40 jet that I purchased this spring. Over the years I have had a lot of experience with work boats and have had some epic adventures with jet skis, jets boats, lake boats, tinners and mud boats, but this is my first personal river boat.

We had a ton of fun with the boat until an injector plugged, had to order a set off Amazon that took over a month to come in. In Canada Yamaha injectors are $250 each (none available in Canada because of Covid) I got 4 for $55 on Amazon from China. They appear to be working fine.

First voyage with my Daughter and some grandkids, we went to a local lake to try it out first.

My 85 year old Dad with the first fish he has caught in 60 years!

Modifications to date:
Added grab bars over the windshields to reduce breakage.
Added a Fish Finder (Garmin 5) and mounted the transducer, going to remount to shoot through the hull.
Added a splash guard that has reduced cavitation in chop.

Cleaned up the spare impeller that came with the boat, the leading edges were beat up. Not sure if I got the angles right but in a few months will be able to tell.

Upcoming modifications:
Install Nauticus Smart Tabs.
Shine her up a bit and put on Sharkhide.
Move the transducer inside the hull.
Build a deck/storage area in the back.
Install navigation lights.

I took my daughter on a rip up the North Saskatchewan River to see how far I can get upstream on a tank of gas. Made 46 km (28 miles) with just a little bit left. Had about a third of the second tank when we got back to the launch, 91 km trip (56 miles). Top speed upstream was 37 kph (23 mph) and 48.6 kph (30 mph) downstream. :LOL2:



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She’s not pretty but she fishes great and is as fast as you want for a Jon boat.


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Havent been on here in a while. Im the best tinboat builder ever check me out!

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Full buil in link! Copy and paste!

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This is my G3 1548 Gator tough VBW. It’s a 2004 with a 25hp. The folding chair was my grandfather’s from the 80s! It is more comfortable for my wife than the bench.

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Douglasdzaster said:
She’s not pretty but she fishes great and is as fast as you want for a Jon boat.

How does she handle with a 40HP? I think i have a similar boat, 1988 Fisher, 16 feet x 5 feet wide, flat bottom, with plywood floor. Getting a new outboard and wondering if 40 would be too much.

I’m sorry I just saw your question. Mine is a short shaft and with it on the top trim pin (trimmed all the way) by myself with a light load it took off trimmed out I was on my way. The boat never stood up then came down it was a straight whole shot. Gotta watch other boat wakes as it got a little squarely when I wasn’t paying attention. Later the wind blew and we had some decent waves but no white caps. I was riding rough just cruising until I went for wot then the boat got on top of the waves. My ride was smoother and I had good control. All that being said later the carburetors were starting to leak some. I opened them up to replace the needle valves or stuck floats. I found a mess. I’ve never seen carburetors looking this bad and engine still run. The floats where way to high , corrosion. I cleaned the carburetor bodies to look new and had to have a machine shop remove the seats and a jet that someone had stripped. Replaced everything with new parts and have adjusted the idle were it runs smoother than before. I’m finally going to get to put it back on the water this Saturday. I’m thinking I’m in for a ride as long as I have everything adjusted correctly . I’ll let you know how it handles now. As far as the boat it holds the engine great. Doesn’t seem to weigh in down. I’ll have to post a new picture when I’m finished with the boat. I’ve built and upholstered new seats for the back, all new wiring etc. Oh mine is a 2 stroke weighs less than the new 4 strokes.
Hey Rockfishnc, Did you get a new motor yet for the Krusty Krab? I’m enjoying the 40hp Yamaha on mine. With the 16/52 I have and the motor I’m the only flat bottom still on the lake when the wind picks up. About 2 weeks ago I was really glad. I got caught on the wrong side of the lake when it got rough quick. But it got me across and back where I belonged.
Just giving you a report on how it’s working out. Be safe.