Preloaded reeds?..wth.

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Oct 5, 2014
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Bought new yami clone 30hp. Runs great from 2500rpm and up. Below it runs rather strange. After checking other parameters I noticed the reeds are preloaded to the plate about .010in. The reed is at 0 where they are attached and tapers to .010 high off the plate at the ends. Rubber coated and not the flower pedal style. After short investigation I see those reed plates are designed like that. Probably explains others with poor low speed operation. The person who decided to do that probably thought it would be a good idea.

Bought new reed assy and am gonna flatin that plate and install. I betcha thats the issue..
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...yea..30hp 2 stroke shipped to home..1780.00$.. name anywhere..just some nicely done serial numbers on motor but no name, no paperwork anywhere. Had several issues that I had to correct but all in all I am surprised at quality and how well it runs at speed. 25 hours now..minimal sludge on lower leaks. But that reed arrangement needs attention to correct crappy idle and slightly above.
Seems like flipping the over would be worth a try. Maybe assembled wrong from the factory.
Well..since ya asked ;)..

If ya are experienced with outboards..its a good deal. If one wants a polished

When I got motor I checked timing..just because. Was set at 30 deg. Supposed to be 25. Reset timing using wheel marks and strobe. Ran in barrel after timing reset. Ran real rough and sneezing every 5 seconds. Saw some wet around intake. Took off intake manifold. Outer was outa flat by at least .015in and gaskets hard as hell with no witness marks in spots. No big deal..made flat and used 518 on gaskets. Okay..retest in barrel. Was better but not right. Grab dial indicator and find tdc. Wheel is 4 degrees advanced with respect to crank. Luckily bottom crank half was clocked correctly. Good. So that 30deg was corrected for the wheel being off. Reset using the dial indicator for .150in btdc. and ran again. Making progress now. Put on my new Marlon 14.5 x 55 at bottom jon. With 12 prop it ran up to the rev limiter quickly. Bought new cdi just to have in boat incase..Put new cdi on and got 6480 rev limiter on new cdi.

Now..that outboard was running good 2500 and up. below that crappy. Motor sounded like it was gonna come apart at low rpms. Very loud mechanical rapping. After installing new solas 13p noise went away completly. That loud noise was that really heavy stock prop..prop chatter. Now is as quiet as a church mouse.

So lastly fix the crappy low rpm running. When I had the manifold off I looked at the reeds and plate quickly and said good to go. After some time thinking I realized the reeds were actually preloaded against the reed seat..which is rubber coated. The reed seats are tapered outward by at least .020in by lookin at ebay reed and plate pics. I remember now I had pushed one reed open and said to myself there is a lot of pressure needed to open reed. So point is that is the crappy low speed issue. Have new plate coming and will flatten those ramped seats. Will improve idle and off idle running I betcha.

So thats my story..
It's interesting how some of those things are. Motorcycles, generators, all kinds of clones that need refinement and finishing but the copied engineering is solid.

Not too many guys like you that will sort'em out. Mostly they just end up as a one star review on Amazon haha!
UPDATE...Installed oem yamaha flower pedal style reeds and plate. Got lucky with an ebay great shape. her buttoned up and started it. Scared the crap outa me at first..the motor revved up powerful fast. Had to turn it off and lower idle speed setting 2 turns out and start it again. Still too fast but manageable with the phillips. It runs very well now and does not load up at idle anymore. Just plain azz runs better.

The main complaint of this 30hp clone is the low speed running. That reed arrangement is about the only difference in design from the real deal. It is a chinese redesign and was incorrectly engineered. That reed plate was ramped up from 0 at base to .020in at the tip so there was a large preload on those reeds.

Interestingly the motor would top out at 5760 rpm with chinese reed. With yami oem it topped out at...5760.
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