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Joey Bagels

Dec 5, 2021
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West of Houston, east of San Antonio
It’s been a few weeks since I joined the forum but I finally got my boat (Alumacraft 1436) and have been spiffing it up while I wait on registration and titles for the boat, motor, and trailer. For a state that hates regulation and claims to be all about the individual, Texas certainly has a lot of hoops and red tape to jump through just to get a used boat reassigned to a new owner.
But that just gives me time to get the boat customized and in good working order for its first trip to my local river. I’ve owned a 16’ fiberglass fishing boat (Ranger 680T) for 30 years now as well as a variety of kayaks and float tubes, but this is my first tin boat and will be used in the rivers and coastal marshes around Southeast Texas where I live.
The previous owners (there were 2) mounted various doodads and a casting deck onto the benches, leaving lots of holes. The seats were mounted to scraps of 2x8 boards that were spray painted. The sonar and trolling motor needed upgrades and the fore trailer lights needed replacement, but the rest was in good condition and I got a good deal.

The hull is a 2016 and is in great shape and the 2007 Mercury 6 hp runs a-ok. Here’s what it looked like when I picked it up last week:

I’ve already added a bilge pump, new trolling motor, RAM-mounted sonar, replaced the trailer lights, and laid EVA foam on the benches. Still need to finish coating the new 2x12 seat mounts with polyurethane and secure them, make a floor board, and remount the bow lights. But it should be ready to go when the registration clears in a few days.

First trip will be wife and me to the Colorado River, just a few minutes from our place. Then looking forward to many years of fishing and exploration adventures! I’ll be chasing Guadalupe, spotted, and largemouth bass, sunfish, redfish, speckled trout, and flounder. Mostly with fly rods, but also with conventional tackle. I’m also planning a trip to the White River in Arkansas to stalk the legendary giant brown trout. I’ll post reports when there’s something to report!
Happy holidays to all and best wishes for a happy and safe new year!