Rebar anchor spike?

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snag-free push pole brackets (3)
item # 18
black/ white
round/ narrow base
ss hardware
$50.00 shipped / lower 48 only
this weekend
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How about using the pole from a extendible pruner and turn in upside-down?
I guess I goy lucky with my boat…… I have U- bolts mounted in the back for trailering, and the fiberglass tree stakes fit right in them. I bought the rubber clip for holding you bow and stern light when not in use at Walmart for holder in the boat. I got pvc tees for handles. I flip them upside down and use for push poles if the bottoms too soft.


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pp micro clamp on bracket.
custom fit


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troller support leg


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push pole brackets(3)
fits jon boat rail 1.125"
ss hardware / bungees
$70.00 shipped / complete

There are some nice shallow systems out there, but your 1/2" rebar will work just fine, if not too deep, and if the bottom is pretty firm. If the bottom is muck, it may just fall over and be lost.

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