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Sep 26, 2023
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On the way back from the range, called the wife to see if she wanted to go fish locally. We've not been for a while, so figured just an hour would be good, then supper.
So, our rewards?
First cast, she caught a catfish.
First cast, I had my bait stolen. Second cast, good sized bluegill. Fished a bit more and she caught a rock bass. 2 other guys came down and we all yakked for a while. They left, then I wanted to walk over to where I'd seen fish surfacing. First cast, got one, but it got off. Walked a bit further down, caught a pretty nice smallmouth bass. OK, wife went back and got her pole, came over and proceeded to catch one herself. I knew it was big because she was quiet and focused. Turns out it was a pretty good sized bowfin, her first one.

So, went down to the river and caught 5 fish, each one different. Nice to fish and never quite be sure what you're going to bring in.
We call them choupic. Very good to eat fresh. You have to keep them alive right up until you clean them. If you put them on ice the meat will turn to mush very quickly. They put up a good fight I've heard them called cypress trout.

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