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Mar 3, 2013
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San Antonio, TX

About 2 hours ago, a REAL expert in Cadillac tin ski-boats/runabouts/utilities called me by phone, as a result of reading my "request for info" on another boating forum. ====> "Color me" LUCKY.
(I asked the same questions on at least 10 forums.)

As a result of that long phoncon, I found out the following:
1. ALL 1956 Cadillac tin boats were delivered UNPAINTED; instead the exterior was POLISHED.
(The 1957 hulls had a small amount of painted trim on the sides & the 1958 hulls had painted forward decks. Some post-1958 Cadillac hulls were painted by "marine dealers".)
2. My little tin boat IS in fact a 1956 DAYTONA MODEL 114 "utility" & probably never had a windshield.
(It was "the base model" - Read: CHEAPEST one.)
3. The sole of all the 1956 tin boats were delivered with a "texturized, non-slip, yellowish-green paint" in the interior bottom, which extended 6" up the sides.
(measured from the floor seam)
4. NONE of the 1956 Cadillac tin boats ever had either "factory" upholstery or even "loose cushions".
(Some dealers MAY have sold "loose cushions", as "dealer accessories".)
5. "Redwood planks" were a factory option, as redwood plank seat-backs were.
6. All 1956 models had 4-digit serial numbers.
7. All "known" 1956 tin hulls, which HAD steering wheels, came from Cadillac with MERCURY steering wheels, regardless of which brand OB motor was sold with the 1956 boat.
(Evidently, Cadillac "got a deal on" Mercury steering wheels in 1955-56.)
8. ALL 14ft tin hulls are suited for a maximum of 40HP. - 16ft & 18ft utility hulls are suitable for 60HP.

I'd guess that "the bottom line" is: IF you want to find the answer to "vintage boat questions", ask LOTS of places/people. - Likely SOMEBODY will KNOW the correct answers.

ADDENDA, 2020Hrs CDT, 10MAY14: 1956 Cadillac boats are RARER than most other years, as the sheetmetal worker's union was out on strike for much of that year & NOT very many hulls of any type were completed/sold that year.

yours, satx
Good deal, now you can make progress on that boat.

I find that what you stated about asking many places is true. I have been doing it for "old" motors and it seems to be the best way to find out something (info, parts, etc).

Good luck for you!

btw no yute nor the other. ;)

YEP. - Now all I have to do to "get busy" on this REALLY simply restoration project is catch "the nice lady" at home, get her 4 "nasty tempered" watch-dogs "put up", service the trailer bearings, mount the 2 new wheels/tires & pull the boat/trailer home.

Then I have to figure out what color paint to use on the interior bottom/side, buy the proper primer/paint and START POLISHING all those square feet of aluminum.
(I am NOT "looking forward to" all that hand-work.)

Then I have to restore the 1956 trailer.

yours, satx

As I've said elsewhere, I will have my daughter make/post good photos of the boat, once I have it at home & have cleaned it up a bit. - Currently it is filled with leaves, > 2" of water & trash.

Should you want to see what the exact model looks like restored, go to: & enter "A look inside a 1956 Cadillac Daytona aluminum boat with Johnson Javelin" in the search bar & you will see Nick's BEAUTIFUL little utility.
(That 1956 Johnson 30HP is downright "PURTY", as well.)

yours, satx

My little utility will be powered by a 1956 Evinrude Lark 30HP, which is currently undergoing renovation at my buddy's shop.
(I just hope that I can do even HALF as BEAUTIFUL of a job on polishing as Nick did. = HATS OFF to his artistry!!)

wish me LUCK, satx

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