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Jan 18, 2024
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I answered an ad which a buddy of mine pointed out to me yesterday. It was some old guy in his 80's who's come into some health issues.
His daughter is trying to get a head start on clearing out all his things that he's accumulated.
I was told he had a garage full of outboards and that he at one time owned a boat and outboard dealer somewhere up north.
I called the number, got the daughter on the phone and found out the place was closer than I thought, maybe a 20 minute ride or so.
I headed over there with my car and trailer not knowing what to expect other than being told that none of them have been run or in the water in at least 10 years, some maybe a lot more.
When I got there the woman met me outside where her and some kid were sorting through old books and magazines tossing them in a recycle tub. She leads me into the garage, which looked ancient, as did the rather run down Victorian style house that hadn't seen paint in decades.
I was in shock as soon as I walked in, the place is wall to wall outboards, ages that range from the late 60's to late 80's or so.
The majority of them are OMC big twins, 77-83 models with a few later 30hp motors. There's a row of 6hp motors that's got to be 20 foot long, a few older 50's era Johnsons, 18-25hp, and about 30 late 60's early 70's 9.5hp OMC motors.
There's only a few mercury motors, all are 35-40hp twins from the 70's or early 80's.
There's a few 80's model OMC V4's, mostly 90 and 115hp models, a few 115hp Mercury motors from the 90's, and a half dozen OMC triples all mid 80's models. That's just the tip of the iceberg, and I'd take up pages here trying to list them all.
Off the bat, there's no less than 500 motors there.
With one big issue at hand, nearly every last one I tried with a recoil was seized. The old guy was in the house and I talked to him for a bit and he said every motor ran when he put it where it sits, but he had a major stroke and hasn't been out of the house in 12 years.

Its an all or nothing deal, take them all or don't bother. What surprises me is that the garage is dry, on high ground with a metal roof, it don't leak, and its not damp. I did pull a few off the rack and tried harder to turn them with the cover off but the few I tried were locked tight.

While no doubt even parts are worth something my experience lately with selling used motors here, even later model running motors is not good. Cash for anything is hard to come by lately and boats seem to have become the first thing they forgot about.
Moving them all is doable but storing them is another thing, they will pack my two sheds, both storage trailers and likely my basement until I either sell or tear them down for parts. With the glut of parts I see on fleabay lately, I'm not too confident things will sell fast enough to bother. In the end, its all still worth scrap, removed the glass covers, load like cord wood, and take them right to the scrap yard for a quick payout. I just really hate to toss what could possibly be a lot of good parts, expecially lower units and carbs. Nothing 'looks' corroded, and most motors are super clean looking but stuck is stuck and its not often a motor that's seized comes out of it 100% even if soaking it frees it up.
The first one i tried was one of the older 18hp motors, but there's zero movement even when i tried to pry the flywheel teeth around with a big screwdriver I found on the wall. There's also a good number of unmarked lower units, piled up in the corner, probably a hundred or so.
I saw no electric shift models, or anything from that era in those sizes. The larger motors are all newer than 1980 or so,
After checking about 25 motors all I tried were seized.
I'm torn between just going there and hauling them for scrap, or going there and bringing them all home and taking the time to break them all down for parts and taking only the easy parts, lowers, carbs, covers, etc.
This is the fourth place I've found like this in the last two years, but by far the closest. I had something similar about 80 miles from me about 10 years ago but all those motors were antiques and nearly every last one ran as found. This is very different.
I still have most of the motors I went and got way out in PA a few months ago, the few I did list garnered no attention when I had them on FB and CL last month.

I'm seeing repeat ads that have been up for years for the same motor over and over again. There's a few that look super promising for cheap but they still go unsold. particularly over in PA. FB seems to have become a dumping ground for dead ads or unsellable items because the response rate to inquiries is about 1 out of 50. CL is closer to 50/50 but there's been fewer and fewer items listed there lately. I guess people stopped trying to sell things? There's really no other option here other than a few free papers that don't allow pics and you have to rely on someone actually picking up that paper at the supermarket and reading through 10k unclassified ads and finding your outboard for sale.

Another thing I saw there besides the motors and the two huge tool boxes, is a shelf full of older new old stock Mercury parts. Probably half a pickup load worth of them or so. Boxes of distributor caps, rotors, gaskets, bellows, etc. Those I do know will sell but those are easy to ship and are good eBay fodder in the winter.

I thought about borrowing a buddies big truck if I do this, but that will mean lugging every motor up a ramp into a dock height truck, and back down again and it'll have to be done in one day so the truck can go back to work during the week. If I use my car and small trailer, I can haul them safer and about 20 at a time or so with loose parts in the middle. (The motors can hang on the side rails). I get the stands too so that'll help with storing and sorting them if I go that route. If it were only say half that were stuck, the plan would be easier to figure out.
I'm just not thrilled about the idea of junking up my place with more outboards. The woman didn't say there's a dead line but she wants an answer by next week or she said she's going to call a scrapper to clear it all out.
The tools are likely worth as much or more than the motors but none are anything I don't already have and the two huge boxes will be a real job to get down into the basement here. I don't have an outside entrance, everything that goes down there has to get carried through the dining room, kitchen and down the hallway to the basement stairs. It took a winch, four guys, and lots of prep work to get my three bank Snap On box and milling machine down there two years ago.
If they are all seized, I'd say you're best off stripping the ignition parts and lower units for resale, the rest can go to the melting pot.

No doubt you could probably make a buck or two, but it's a significant time investment, and requires a lot of real estate to store the stuff in the mean time.
First off, I don't think I'd wait too long to get there and get them all in my possession. If you don't someone else will.
Even as scrap its free money if you do it right.
Figure every lower unit to be no less than $300, some double that depending on the model and HP.
Carbs, electronics, ignition boxes, etc all sell.

I'd also make real certain that each one is truly seized. I've had motors that won't pull via the recoil but worked free with no damage and good compression after putting a wrench or pry bar to the flywheel to free it up.

Motors that turn but don't run are far easier to sell then one that's locked up.

One sad reality is though that most all motors are worth more in parts than when sold complete, but I hate to part out something that may only need a carb clean and impeller but many do. Its also easier to ship them part by part.
I lost track, but how did it go with the boats and motors you picked up already? Sounded like a good haul.

FB has been excellent for me, with a few still coming in on CL, but a lot slower. I buy and sell a lot. Another place that works is Ebay, but their selling costs are a bit high for whole motors. Not too bad for parts.

Agree with the posts above. Make sure they really are seized first. Ignition parts, lowers, trim units all sell fast and easy. I used to keep a continual ad on CL for "Outboard Parts" and a LOT of people have called over the years. For awhile that was my primary source of business, but I'm almost done with engines and boats, only doing a couple a year.

Think it over, as to whether it's worth your time. Lately, I've been passing on all but the slam dunk deals. Anything iffy, and I leave it for others to figure out.
I lost track, but how did it go with the boats and motors you picked up already? Sounded like a good haul.

FB has been excellent for me, with a few still coming in on CL, but a lot slower. I buy and sell a lot. Another place that works is Ebay, but their selling costs are a bit high for whole motors. Not too bad for parts.

Agree with the posts above. Make sure they really are seized first. Ignition parts, lowers, trim units all sell fast and easy. I used to keep a continual ad on CL for "Outboard Parts" and a LOT of people have called over the years. For awhile that was my primary source of business, but I'm almost done with engines and boats, only doing a couple a year.

Think it over, as to whether it's worth your time. Lately, I've been passing on all but the slam dunk deals. Anything iffy, and I leave it for others to figure out.
I sold two of the motors and the green boat from the first run to PA, I didn't want to sell the boat but needed the space. I bought another $200 gutted camper for storage for now and I've got it stuffed with motors.
I sold the 9.8hp Mercury, and the super clean 9.9 Evinrude for $900 each, the boat went for $1,600 with the trailer to a guy who said he's going to ship it to south America. He didn't even want the title and had no interest in the motors because apparently motors are an issue to import where ever he was taking them.

I still have the rest, and after today, a lot more. I borrowed a landscape trailer and my buddies flat bed farm truck and went after the lot of stuck motors. Most are in the 6-35hp range with a few llarger twins, four triples, and five V4's. One of the larger twins, a 60hp is locked up, but the 40's and 50's, both later broke free while lifting them via a flywheel adapter plate. One 40 is locked up and part of a rod and wrist pin fell out when I layed it down, but was marked PARTS in white paint on the side.
There's about 10 or so 70's model 6hp motors, 77-85 35hp motors, a few weren't seized just in gear with them hanging on a bracket that was sagging and touching the floor. I loaded up 219 in all today, some look almost new, but were stuck. I didn't try them all, it was raining off and on and I just wanted to get it done.
Right now they're all on the trailer stacked up like logs with the covers removed with sheets of plywood between layers. Its raining again so it'll wait till tomorrow I suppose. I did take most of the wood stands and about 30 car engine stands that were converted to outboard stands so as I unload them they can get put back on wheels. My back may take a few days to recover though. I wasn't sure I was going to make it through them all, especially after loading the larger motors.

There's two more 40hp Kiekhaefer Mercury 400/402 motors, one long, one short shaft tiller. plus a pair of 90's era mercury 115 two strokes, one with a stuck steer tube, the other with a chopped off steering cable.
I left both of them on the steel stands they were mounted to and just strapped them to the tailgate.
Both of the newer 115hp motors look super clean other wise. Both have different props so they likely didn't come from the same boat but both are identical decal wise. One has a hang tag on it marked $3499.99 from some dealer in MN.

I tried to take the best of the lot first but there's more than double the amount I already took still there. The layout is a double deep two car garage with what sort of looks like a chicken coop attached to the rear of the garage. I only emptied the first garage bay and made a narrow path back into the rear building.
Unlike PA the building is in good shape. The above area is an apartment with more stuff stored. It kind of looks like the guy retired and brought his business home. I wanted to get the bigger motors out of the way so I could give the truck back for the weekend, I'll have to use my car and a small trailer for the rest but its only a 12 miles or so away. I'm actually surprised I never knew he was there with al this stuff. I probably drove by there several thousand times over the years. It'll be slow going though. There's no lights in the buildings and the overhead doors have had their tracks cut off so the doors can't be opened. Everything has to go through one 36" wide side door. There's a 10ft patch of mud between that door and the driveway and no room to back down next to the building. I'm taking a few sheets of plywood with me so things will roll once outside but it won't be fun. The first to be loaded next time is the rest of the 30-35hp twins, and then the 18, 20, and 25hp motors, and if I dare weight wise maybe some of the 6hp motors.
At this point I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them all but next week I'll have to give them a quick once over and weed out the junk right away. As it stands my back yard will be nearly wall to wall motors. I figure on at least four more trips but the rest will feel light after doing the heavy motors first.

The few things i did sell were all through CL, FB got me nothing but scammers and no shows. Not that CL is much better , I just seem to find more buyers there ere when they do show up.
What bothers me most is that there's dozens of really nice looking motors for cheap all over FB and they've been there for months. I haven't gone to see any of them because I wouldn't waste someone's time like that but if the ads are real, I can't figure why a clean looking used 80's model 9.9/15hp would remain unsold this time of the year. Worse yet there's been several 9.9 to 30hp Honda motors listed for less than $1500 with no takers. Espeicially considering how high new motros have gone lately.
I was at a local dealer to get a few impellers the other day and they had a boat combo on sale out front, a untility 16ft mod v hull with a new 9.9hp four stroke tiller motor and trailer for $14k New is nice but not $14k nice. My old Starcraft with a 15hp will run circles around that new boat for years to come. If I get one of these 35hp tiller motors going, it'll be even better.
The dealer told me they haven't sold many boats or motors at all all year, not new or used, and they ordered light anticipating it. They still have 2021 and 2022 models left over.
To be honest, I don't know anyone who has ever bought a new boat, every body I know has always picked up a free or dirt cheap boat and made it work. I don't think I've ever spent more than few hundred for a turn key boat. I bought my running, ready to use '82 Mirrocraft Lakefisherman with a 35hp Johnson and roller trailer 12 years ago for $400. It was on CL all spring about 25 miles away. I met the guy one evening, went fishing with him in the boat with him for the day and took it home with me. He said I was the only one in two years to show up. He had bought a bigger fiberglass boat and didn't think an open aluminum boat was ideal for taking kids out in so he listed it at the order of his wife. It was listed for $525. from the start.
I listed my 14ft boat when I got the 16ft boat for $800, which was a 1999 model with a four stroke 2006 Mercury 9.9hp motor and bunk trailer and got only two replies at the time and the highest offer I got was $350 and one guy wanted to know if I could take payments. I gave up and ended up keeping both boats.
Great post @hoarder . I cannot believe how many motors you have picked up in the past little while. If you have no use for them, for the most part, I'd sell them for whatever you can get. Put money in the bank, not in your back yard. I can see where you'll be known as the "MotorMan".
It would be good to see a picture of the pile of motors you've acquired. Very interesting indeed.
I'm not sure to congratulate you or feel sorry for you. It sounds like the makings of an instant junk yard. Around here my neighbors would throw a fit. They complain about my three boats in the back yard and my motorcycle trailer and car trailer. (And my camper, shed, and two trucks).

While i doubt there's much danger of two strokes being banned anytime soon, especially if your near saltwater, selling even a fraction of that many motors is going to take a lifetime these days. Lately everyone is broke and they want things for free.
Some of the odd offers I've had on CL and FB myself as a good example of it.

I've got at least 30 motors in my shed and garage and gave up selling any of them two years ago after I couldn't get $500 for a running 9.9hp Johnson that looked like a new motor. It sat for 19 months before I just stopped putting the ad up. I got offers for parts off it but no one had the cash. I got trade offers of all sorts of broken down stuff, appliances, old air conditioners, seized motors that they want to trade even up for, etc. Most of the idiots were on FB. One guy wanted to swap three odd hubcaps and $25 for the motor. Another wanted to trade me for an 80's Yamaha 9.9hp with no carb or lower unit that he said ran good 'back in the day'.

I wish there were swap meets like they have for car parts such as Carlisle and such.
I haven't heard of any swap meets for boats or parts in years here.
There used to be one in Cape May at Utsch's marina in Sept. but their website hasn't been updated since 2015, and the last post on FB was 2017.
The sale they used to have drew a good many people but the last I saw one scheduled was back in 2015 according to their web page.

The Antique outboard guys don't generally go as new as the motors you listed, so that's not likely an option either. The one meet i went to years ago near my old house didn't have anything newer than the mid 60's, with most motors being from the 50's.
It's crazy how different our areas are! I'm in VA, not too terribly far south, and tin boats and ANY running motor is like gold. Bring a trailer full of the running ones down, and I would happily sell a bunch of them off for either a percentage, or I would get you a minimum price.
The problem here is that there's two types of boaters, those who have plenty of cash and would never buy anything used, and those who are flat broke and can't come up with $100 if their life depended on it.
People will no longer drive 10 miles to buy something either. I've spoke to people on the phone who replied to ads who were right down the road maybe in the next town but they tell me they thought I was closer and that they really didn't want to drive that far. or they 'need to get a ride'.
The way I see it if they need to get a ride to come buy a used motor their not for real. No car, no truck = no boat no trailer is how I read it.
I listed a '99 Mariner four stroke that just came out the box last week for $900, it was new with tags still in the original foam insert an box it came in. I had a guy come out to see it. He started off telling me its not really want he was looking for but if it was cheap enough he'd consider it. He went on and on about being on a fixed income, how he had cancer, and his wife just died, and his car needs a motor and he's only got a short time to live. Then I get "Will you do $125?"
I told the guy if he's in that bad of shape he doesn't need an outboard.

He was the only person to reply on CL, and FB that wasn't an outright scammer wanting to send a money order from Nairobi or Kenya.

I have no desire to drive 5 hours with a fully loaded trailer to sell these. I've got a ton of time invested already just gathering them up here and will have another 5 or 6 hours today getting the rest of the last lot back here. I've got another 20 or so motors over there and some boxes to look through yet plus there's some new part in the basement of the house to grab. Yesterday was rough, some of the motors had to be dug out of the back building and none were on wheels, those were just leaning against one another nearly pushing through the wall. I had to carry about half of them and I used a hand cart to move the rest.
A few weren't stuck, but all have been sitting untouched for decades.
I did sell all of the electric shift models, one guy took every one of them at $400 each. There were three V4s, five triples, (55, and 65hp), and one earlier 40hp). He took every one of them back to Nova Scotia.

The real win out of this lot is the tools and tool boxes. The guy had a ton of Snap On and Mac tools.
Moving the huge boxes down the steps into my basement is tough and time consuming. I still have to get the largest Snap On box down there, but all the drawers and top box are already down there waiting to be reunited with the bottom box once I lower it down the steps with a boat winch and rope.
I offered it to a local Snap On dealer but he only wanted to give me $400 for it. I'd turn it into a barbecue grill or dog house first. I think I ended up with the tools and boxes because she got the same sort of BS off CL or FB as I got from those motors I listed.

Here's a few of the boxes.
100_6868.jpg 100_6890.jpg100_6879.JPG
Looks like a KRA59/380 SET, A KRL1201/1991, COMBO and an early SK/Mac/Matco 900 series roll cab from the Waterloo years. Those are good pro grade boxes. Add a fill of Snap On tools and there some serious cash there.
Also some serious weight if your putting them down stairs.
Looks like a KRA59/380 SET, A KRL1201/1991, COMBO and an early SK/Mac/Matco 900 series roll cab from the Waterloo years. Those are good pro grade boxes. Add a fill of Snap On tools and there some serious cash there.
Also some serious weight if your putting them down stairs.
I take it you owned a Snap-on truck for a while? lol
My back hurts just reading through all the motors you've moved around! I've got a few items (boat, car , truck, clothing) for sale on FB and CL and it has really dried up regarding interest. Every once in a while I get the "is it still available" and then the low, lowball offer or "you're too far away". The cell phone generation doesn't seem to know how to do anything requiring manual labor or effort so they just call someone to get something new for them.
Sad to hear that, about people being so broke. Around here, we are relatively close to the Washington DC metro area. Many people make the 2 hour drive to work in that area, so traffic is bad, but they make enough to live okay. Most aren't rich, but they are broke either.

Because of that, an economical tin boat is very desirable around here. But I completely understand you not wanting to put any more time into those motors. I can't blame you!
I wasn't a Snap On guy but I did a lot of repairs for a few local dealers who dealt used boxes all the time back in the 80's. Every part of those boxes could be had in pieces, just like for a car. If someone ran into one with a car or dropped it off a truck and it got traded in, I'd replace the damaged panels, and repaint it. I also had a few boxes where they wanted the color changed.
At one point I had a few hundred boxes in the shop at one time either for parts or repair. The one zone manager would get me paint and parts and have the boxes shipped to me to fix.

Needless to say I have quite a few big Snap On boxes of my own that were either damaged and repaired or just sort of 'gifted' to me as favors.
Over the past few years I'm seeing more and more things like this happen as the older generator goes away the younger crowd has no interest at all in the things their parents did or even the home they grew up in. I've answered many ads and cleaned out several places over the past few years where I just couldn't believe that they were giving it all away. The selling market in the NE seems do depend on those who travel from other areas lately. I"ve not had a single local buyer for any items I've listed in over 3 years. I have to dig through 40 scam emails and low ball offers daily only maybe to find someone who may be serious, and even then they often don;t have cash.
I think its led to people just giving things away rather than dealing with spending many years trying to get a few thousand dollars more out of the tings they have.

People wont drive 5 miles to buy something these days, they want it for free and they want it delivered.
I listed a Snap On KRL1003 a few year ago that I bought at auction, the guy had used it for years to store baseball cards in It was like new but 22 years old. I listed it for $8k. I got only two or three replies and one guy offered me $800. The box would cost $10k used on the truck. The dealers won't buy a used box to sell because their afraid it may have had money owed on it. (Snap On sees boxes like cars, they feel the box is collateral and their property when a tech defaults on payment not that the customer is personally liable for the balance alone, they want the box, but the law is not on their side. Its not a titled item and they have zero rights to that item if the owner sells it to a third party. They're claim legally is solely with the original buyer or loan holder. Its on par with someone running up a CC balance and then not paying, its not like they're going to repossess the repo the groceries they bought or clothes they may have bought. Selling such a box or any box that may have been part of a default of payment or would mean they could become responsible for the lost balance themselves and likely would mean that they'd have to personally finance that box themselves if they sell it. )

I have three big SO boxes, all were bought for cash. Selling them for what they are worth would take years and any buyer would need to have cash in hand. Which is something most techs simply don't have. Between tool payments, truck payments, maybe a mortgage, a few kids, and grocery bills they tend to live week to week. Its by design to keep them working and making everyone else money.

Snap On preys on those who live week to week, and that includs the dealers who buy their route, buy their truck and buy thier inventory which is controled by Snap On. Most dealers start out in massive debt which they never get out of. Most dealers fail either after the first year or after their first truck needs to be replaced. They control who you sell to, where you sell to them, and for how much. Dealers play by their rules or not at all. Most guys never get ahead and most fail sooner or later. The last long term dealer I knew got out 25 years ago and he started in the 1950's.

Selling wise lately, due to the economy, there are just more sellers then buyers with cash. All you can do is list things for the correct price and hope someone with cash likes yours more than the 300 others that are listed for fire sale prices. Trying to sell it fast or trying to staay a buck or two under the guy who's broke or starving will only get you to the same place they're in.
Better you than me brother. I don't need this kind of temptation in my life. It wouldn't be the first opportunity I passed on either. Frankly, I have better things to do.
Its kind of too late now, I'm sort of committed now.
I just got back with 7 more motors and an SK tool chest full of gaskets, plus about 300 small props.
I figure two more trips and it'll all be gone. So much for the Saturday deadline I guess but I think they're just glad to see it go.
The way I look at it, if I get tired of it or can't sell any of it off, the scrap yard is only a few miles away.
On top of what I brought home in the trailer, my trash guys found me another pair of motors, one is an early 70's 4hp that's also seized, but it came with a minty 3 gallon Quicksilver brand fuel tank, the other an 80's 7.5hp Honda 75 with a gutted lower unit with all the parts in a bag tied to the side, plus a nearly new looking 4 gallon Honda fuel tank to go with it. Not a bad trade for a couple cold bottles of water.

In reality, I likely already am ahead of the game in selling the electric shift motors. Apparently people still use those. For me its mostly 1980's era motors all the way.
I got one another of the 35hp Johnson motors freed up today, after a few days soaking with Evaprorust down the plug holes, with the motor laying plugs up, it turns and has 135/138 psi compression. I stuck it on the back of my old boat and it fired right up with one pull. Its missing the tiller and has no electric start but it even pumps water after cleaning out the telltale hole with a wire. Its say J35RLCTS on the tag, so its an '83 tiller model built without a starter or alternator in 20" length.


Now all three of my boats have 35hp motors on them.
I pulled the lower unit to change the impeller but it looked good so I left it for now but I did change the oil in the lower and pressure and vacuum test it.
I was going to rundown to the river for a quick test but I forgot I had laid a sheet of plywood across the seats in this boat and there's 6 motors stashed in there under its cover. Its time to build a motor rack in the shed I suppose. I have all the steel HF stands but they'll take up too much room.

The 30/35hp count so far for OMC motors is up to 9 all between 1977 and 1986. With no 1984 models and only one Evinrude from '85.
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I've been around these year motors most of my life, so most are nothing new. I've had an '78 model 35hp on my one boat for 20 years now.
Before the 35hp motors I was into the big twins, (40-60hp). These 35hp motors are lighter and on a tin boat, they're far ore bang for your buck without the added weight of the larger size series. that added 5 or so hp was by far offset by those motor's added weight.

So far, all but about a dozen of these motors are proving to be really stuck, most came loose with just a shot of atf and working the flywheel back and forth. Only two so far show compression issues after being stuck, and two 50's models seem really stuck, bad enough that they won't budge at all. Being those are likely non roller crank models they could be stuck on the crank end not the piston side. Those are not very high on my priority list though.

I'm not sure if hauling all this home is a good thing or not yet, but it makes no sense that it was just there so long with no takers. If I was only out to find one or two motors, and even if I had no knowledge of outboards, I can't imagine someone not grabbing a few of the better motors and junking the rest for quick cash.
Every time I list something I get a half dozen emails from guys who I know just haul scrap in hopes they found someone just looking to make something go away. What started out as what I thought was maybe a few dozen motors at first turned into a full set of tools and tool boxes, and so many motors I've lost count now. I've been putting the 9,9/15hp, and 30/35hp OMC motors where I can get at them the easiest, as well as a few four stroke motors. The last batch which I thought was going to be a small load ended up being the largest after she showed up with half of her minivan packed with parts from a storage bin she had cleaned out that the old man had. One tub is full of new pistons, another is all gaskets. There's five cases of indivually packed NGK, Champion, and Autolite spark plugs, about 100bs of spark plugs. a bin full of Sierra impellers, fuel pumps, and assorted other minor parts. There's a tub full of Honda outboard parts, and one Aqua Bug motor that's locked up tight.
To be honest, if I knew how big this was going to get I'm not sure I'd have jumped into it but its too late now. Its really redirected my whole spring, at least for now. If I had more room it would be less of an issue but I'm in small house on a small lot in a tightly spaced neighborhood. The decision has to be to either delve deeper into these outboards and cut loose another hobby or just dump the bulk of them and keep what I use myself.
I have zero interest in the sub 10hp models, and the same with anything over a 50hp twin or older than say 1975 or so. I'll cut loose all the older 9.8hp motors, any Mercury motors, and any parts associated with the same motors.
My gut feeling though is to hold onto these at least till after the election, in hopes some money frees up. Right now, in this area nothing is selling. Everyone seems to be just sitting tight and hoping things get back to normal next year. The last four have really killed things here for boating, hunting, and fishing. I had originally thought that maybe I'd buy a shipping container and load all the outboards and boat parts in it all in one place but I think I'd need two of them not one now. So that's not in the plans unless I can make some room first.
Something tells me your going to end up regretting taking all that stuff. My experience trying to sell off a much smaller lot of older motor my uncle left behind when he died took years because I refused to sell running motors for less than they would bring in scrap. At first I thought they just didn't want the two stroke motors, but when I listed a few small, 9.9hp four stroke motors, that ran, all I heard was crickets. When I looked around on the same sites I was listing on I saw dozens of other similar motors listed for cheap that had been listed for months.
I even contacted a few sellers as a buyer and was told I was the first person to make contact that sent a real message and gave them a contact number to call. They all said all they got was 'Is this still for sale' or "Send me your phone number and address so I can contact my shipper" type of emails.
I even ended up buying a two year old Yamaha 15hp for $100 because some old woman just wanted it gone and hadn't had a single real person email her in two months on Marketplace.

Facebook is full of scam adds but if you weed through them and learn what to look for there are some deals to be had but most are only after the ridiculously cheap deals No one wants to or will pay fair value for anything these days it seems.
Basically if your looking an ad that says it local and your in Philly and the ad shows the huge snow capped mountains in the background or the seller wants a you to pay first and he'll ship it to you. skip that one.
I just wish they'd take an active approach somehow to block that sort of stuff there.

CL is pretty much dead, only a few stragglers still seem to use it, although I still list there the results are minimal but I do find that there are less blatant scams there these days, maybe because even the scammers realized the traffic there had gone away.

A friend who has done eBay for the past 25 years has even said that eBay numbers are a fraction of what they once were. As a buyer, paging past the massive number of Chinese sellers pushing cheap junk makes it a far less of a source then it once was. It also dies both as a seller and a buyer once the weather warms up, but the warm weather change isn't as drastic as it once was.
The local flea markets have always been a weekend stop of mine every Sat. morning and even there the number of people, or rather buyers, are nearly all gone. Guys who sell there weekly have hung it up saying they've gone all weekend with no sales with most of the market now selling only cell phones, cell phone accessories and used clothes. Gone are the tables full of tools, fishing tackle, hunting gear, or any man type items. The majority of the buyers are illegals shopping for $0.50 clothes. The food vendors now make me feel like I'm south of the border too, gone are the hamburgers and hotdogs all replaced by tacos and things I don't recognize sold by those who don't speak English. Between money being tight these days and people not feeling comfortable feeling like they stepped into some third world country there its driven away most typical flea market sellers and vendors.

The world has changed and I don't see it getting any better anytime soon, maybe not even in our lifetime.
In many ways I'm sort of glad I'm not a young man in today's screwed up mess, especially knowing that it used to be so much better.

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