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Nov 29, 2006
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Shrewsbury, MA
Brand New NEVER work Team Daiwa Hat up for grabs! It was given to me in a gift bag that I won from TackleSupplyDepot. I tried to give it away once before, but the winner never claimed it. I just saw it as I was cleaning up my fishing area. Here is your chance to show that you are a Daiwa fan! :lol:

All you need to so is reply with "IN" below and I will pull a name from on New Years day. What a way to start 2020 :LOL2:

I Might just throw in some extra goodies as well......shoot, you know I will. 8)

This one is open to members only. (Free to join, so just do it! \:D/)
Just received my hat yesterday! Thanks very much for sending it. The decals and other goodies were an unexpected bonus. Thanks again!

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