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And here's one specific to a boat trailer.

Brine said:
And here's one specific to a boat trailer.

That's Tim Farmer and Kentucky Afield. It airs weekly on KY PBS stations.

Good to see that someone took it upon themselves to remove the credit on Youtube.
I watched the 2nd vid posted. They did a great job walking you through the steps and explaining everything. Should be a termendous help to first timers.
Great videos. I need to do this to my trailer, but having never done it myself, I was a bit leery. Seems simple enough as long as I take my time and pay attention to the instructions.
Trailers with brakes are a bit tougher but the stright axel like the vido showed are gravy, if you can do a tune up on your motor you can do this. all you need is a pair of pliers, a cresent wrench big enough to fit the nut, a hammer, I use a 16 oz. ball peen, and a brass punch or drift. If you have a couple of trailers like I do, boat, camper, utility, snowmobile, the special tool set for installing racers is nice but not necessary if you are carefull. The biggest mistake one can make is to not get the torque right on the nut. I been doing my own for years, and my military job had me doing bearings almost every day, I was in for 17 years, so I have had a bunch of practice, If anyone needs any help I would be more then happy to talk em through it by email, just PM me.
I watched this the other day and it got me thinking, so i went out did mine and im glad i did. one of my inside races was cracked and missing a chunk, im surprised it didnt do more damage considering i haven't the slightest idea how long it has been like that.
I have never done this b4. I also did not watch the video b4 i did my hubs and had no problems. Put it back just like it came out.
I think this thread needs to be updated or the sticky removed. It only has one vid linked in it now and that vid is only 3 minutes long and all it covers is removal of the hub. The text says the vid is 15 minutes long so they must have switched out the vid or it got damaged some how.
The guy in the vid sprays the bearing with some sort of solvent.....solvent melts grease.... so be careful to dry off any solvent based cleaner before applying new grease.
bluegillfisher said:
What do you do to your leaf springs? Mine aren't cracked or broken, is that all?

Having worked on hundreds of trailers, and seeing the typical failure points, my suggestion is that when you check your springs, you should also check the axle tube in the area of the springs and tie plates.

Metal-to-metal contact and corrosion does some awful things to axle tubes, an axle will typically fail right where the U-bolts connect the springs to the tie plates. And especially so if it's a factory-built axle, and they followed some design drawn up by a college-boy engineer, that calls for drilling a hole in the axle tube for the spring centering hole. NEVER DO THIS!! It causes a stress riser, as well as a perfect infiltration point for water, which leads to corrosion, and then failure. Weld a spring centering pad to the axle tube.
Couple points Missed or I Missed 1 When checking bearing and race if there Blue they been hot and need to be changed..2 Do it in a reasonably clean area with no dust blowing /clean hands and tools when going back together...Cleanlyness is a must for long bearing life and keep you off roadside...3 Use Recomended Quality Grease /not something thats been sitting around without a lid/and or contanimated...cva34

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