1967 JC Penney


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I found this in a google search, doesn't answer your question but you might be able to look up boats from these brands to see if you find a near match.

Elgin made boats for Sears as did Sea Nymph. Lots of self (or re-) branded boats were also made by Starcraft.
Does anyone know who made aluminum boats for JC Penney in 1967? It's a 14' model 1024
The Penny's line was badged as "Foremost", I believe.
Its been a minute since I've seen one.
Maybe throw some pics up and it might ring someone's bell?
The good construction clues are the rivet pattern, the length of the spray rail, handle placement, the seats and bracing, the transom knees, and the corner caps/bow cap.
The usual contract vendors in the 50s were Starcraft, Sea Nymph, Arkansas Traveler, and Lone Star - but that's not a finite list by any means. ....and '67 isn't the 50s. Lol

Edit: for what it's worth, JCP's small outboard line was contracted to Chrysler Marine about then.
Chrysler had just bought Lone Star in '65, too, so the Chrysler/Lone Star catalog might be a good rabbithole in which to start finding a sister ship.
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Does anyone know who made aluminum boats for JC Penney in 1967? It's a 14' model 1024
I just purchased a 1970? 14ft jcpenney foremost model # 1034 serial # unreadable. I can't seem to find any information on these boats either.
I just purchased a 1970 Jcpenney Foremost 14ft model 1034 serial B052. I can't find much information on these boats as well. I've been given information on previous post from more experienced tin boaters that my Jcpenney Foremost boat has Starcraft characteristics.