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Part Wanted 1969 14’ Mirrocraft


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Jun 17, 2023
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Mukwonago, WI
I could use oars, middle and back bench seats and a canopy to start. Anyone have any information on where to get and the cost of these things? Photo attached shows what the previous owner did to modify for fishing supply storage. This is why I need replacement bench seats.


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You may need to fabricate seats unless you can find a donor boat, my first boat was a 14' Mirro Craft, and we caught a lot of fish out of it.
Local CL or yard sales may be a source for oars, in the meantime just a paddle might be sufficient.
I told my wife I should keep my seats when I removed them and try and sell them.

She convinced me to take them with the scrap to the scrapyard.

Shipping would be a ***** anyway.

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