1981 16’ Starcraft Seafarer Finished (New pics 6/5/12)


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jasper60103 said:
if you are ever looking for another project, I'll pull my rig
down to Austin. In fact, we can swap if you like. :mrgreen:

No thanks! :) I like the look of your boat, but I would prefer to fish out of mine for awhile. :LOL2:
I have the same hull with a side console and was considering removing the center bench. Based on your experiences with this hull do you think that structure is critical? Would using deck beams that were tied in laterally provide enough structure?

According to iboats my Starcraft only weighs 260lbs, I would guess that the bench seats provide quite a bit of structure.

I've read on this site that the benches can be removed as long as you somehow replace the structure. I played with the idea of removing the center bench but decided against it for other reasons. If and when I rebuild this boat I'm going to remove that bench.
I agree on needing to replace structure. This year the boat will get minimal mods, but, next year I want to drop in a frame that will support the floor, tie into the fore and aft seats and create side lockers. I am expecting that I will more than replace the removed seat worth of structure.

hi, do you happen to know what size solid rivets this boat would take. I have an 89 seafarer. so i'm hoping they'll be the same. thanks.
mmarz4evr said:
hi, do you happen to know what size solid rivets this boat would take. I have an 89 seafarer. so i'm hoping they'll be the same. thanks.

I'm sorry, I don't. I didn't have to replace any rivets below the waterline, and I used pop rivets to plug a few holes above the waterline.
Today's project. I used some carpet and plywood scrap along with some 1 1/4 PVC to make a rod holder for the boat. I mounted this to the back bench so the rods would not interfere with my casting. Now I can keep two rods on the front deck on six in the rack.

I think I may build a casting deck to fill in this area, but I want to be able to remove it when needed. I left this area open for the times when I have both of my girls with me, however I like the idea of a bigger deck when I'm fishing by myself plus the added storage it will provide.

This build is fantastic! I have been lurking this site for about a week now, and have looked at your post about 20-30 times now. I have the exact same rig and will be pretty much building mine the same layout, only difference is I am going to cut the middle bench in half to have a bit of a walk through.

Can't wait to see more posts about this boat, also will be throwing up pics of mine some time this week.
Hi mate your boat looks great, the front deck is similar to how I,m doing mine, rod holders look good, & saves a bit of cash doing it yourself, I saw a little trick on a kayak site for flaring the tops of the tubes, heat them up ,I used a heat gun & push a bottle into them ,,cheers ,,jayson....


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I like that, gives them more of a finished look. I have some scrap leftover, I'll give it a try. Thanks.
Finished up the removable casting deck today. I wasn't able to find the same carpet at Lowes, but it's a close enough match for me. This is how she sits today.




Another mod that has been done was to extend the trailer tongue. We cut off the the old coupler, then my father squared up and welded some angle iron to a heavy duty pipe that fits in the trailer tongue. I can remove one bolt, pull out the pipe and secure it with two bolts and have an extra 36 inches. When I get home I reverse the order and the trailer fits back in the garage. It ain't pretty, but it works and gets me in to some of the smaller lakes that I like to fish.





Only one mod left to make. I added the Wired 2 Fish sticker, the only thing left is to order myself a TinBoats.net sticker for the other side.

I have the same boat but a few years older. Did you secure the front and back decks prior to carpeting? I thought I could see screws on the outside of the carpet? If so, what kind of washers are you using? Sorry not great at this stuff just figuring it out as I go. Did you secure the lower legs of the platform to the boat somehow or do they just rest on the bottom? I was thinking about running a 2x4 down the middle of the boat and securing that the the raised ribs. From there I could build the framing like you do a wall??
The floors are not secured to the boat, however they do fit in the groves that run down the side of the hull. They were cut to fit tight, I'm not sure I could remove them without cutting them out. These lower floors were carpeted after the supports were attached. The casting decks were secured to the framing after they were carpeted. They are held in place with stainless screws and stainless finish washers.


Hope that helps you out. Let me know if you have any other questions.