1981 16’ Starcraft Seafarer Finished (New pics 6/5/12)


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Thanks devilmutt! I'm mounting my platform a bit different as my seats were wood and very worn. I'm using the brackets on the side wall to attach my platform. It took me for ever to get the angles cut just right for the casting deck. Still trying to figure out the frame for the floor??? Thanks again.
I like how you extended that trailer, I've been thinkin about doin the same thing.
I know you've heard it a couple times, but I'll chime right in - this is an AWESOME build, and you did a fantastic job on it.

I know I learned a lot from it, and have used a fair amount of the info in my build.

=D> =D>
No issues at all. I walk from front to back and side to side with no problems. I stand most of the time when I fish, run the trolling motor, and I've never felt like it was tippy. Most of the time I also have a little girl bouncing around in the back.

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