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Tomorrow should be the 1st splash for the 2023 season. :) Getting everything ready today. A little earlier than our typical 1st part of April splashs. Water will be in the 30's though. If its on the clear side, will focus on smallies in wintering locations. If on the muddy side, it'll be channel cats. Walleye and Pike/Muskie are closed.

She's alive! :)


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Turned out to be an excellent day! Sun was out until just after 1PM. Warmed up to high 50's. A light breeze most of the day. Water temp was 39 degrees, and clarity was good for this time of year. We caught 20 smallies, with two 18" and one 17". A great early start of the season.

Tested the mods I did last year, with the same load. Top speed is now 32mph, up from 30. That came from raising the motor one hole. We hit a streach of river with some white caps. While we still got some cavitation, it was much less than before. The side fins and splash plate take the credit.

I ordered the Simrad IS35 and that should be here by the weekend. Time to finish that NMEA2K network.


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Ok, just posted results of mods not documented in thread! :rolleyes:

I raised the motor per discussion in this thread: Raise Motor

Installed jet side plates and made a splash plate coming off the tunnel.

As stated, gained 2mph on top speed and much less cavitation in waves. Well worth it. :)


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What brand are the sideplates or "wings"? I was thinking about adding them.

Sorry, I missed your post. They are made to the foot size. Ours is large. I ordered from Rock Ejector: Rock Ejector If I recall correctly, they were just over $100 w/shipping. OutboardJets sells them too. Around $80 but don't know the shipping. You can also buy the individual pieces from them.
Slow day, but mixed bag! :)

- 28", 7lb 4oz, Spawned out Walleye

- 29", 10lb 12oz, Channel Cat

- 18.5" Smallie


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Three Men in a Tub​

A high school friend of my son was in town for the weekend. Unfortunately, conditions for fishing for smallies were extremely difficult. River blown out, chocolate milk, and cold (48 degrees). Inlet streams were a dud, so went to the cats. He caught a nice 9lber and I got a personal best of 14lb 2oz.

This is the first time we have had three in the 17' CCJ for any extended fishing (2 days). Kinda on the cramped side for getting around in the boat, but the 90/65 jet had plenty of power to get us on plane quickly. We did distribute the weight with two on the live-well seat and one sitting in front of the console, between the seat post. We didn't do any long wot runs, but would see 24-26mph, before throttling down from take-off. We cruised at 20mph down river and 18mph up river. RPMs at around 4700.

While we seldom fish three in the boat, if we did, an 18' or 20' CCJ with appropriate power would be ideal.


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A few updates:

- Removed the oem rod holder which sticks into the cockpit area. The part the rods clip into. I bumped into it allot, especially with boots on or when cat fishing. Filled holes with new pop-rivits. The side console, verticle, rod holders have worked well for us.

- Removed the oar and holder for the same reason. It was mounted on the front of the back deck. It is now in the very back of the boat, at the transom.

- A couple of good fishing trips: Fall Trip 1, Fall Trip 2

- Had a gas in water problem, discussed here: Water in Gas

- Ordered a Rock Ejector: Rock Ejector I'm hoping it arrives before Thursday, so I can get it installed before our planned outing 10/26-27. Fall leaves are the bain of jet drives, and it is difficult to clear with forked tool, hanging off the transom. You can't see if you got them all, and going to shore is too time consuming. There are many good reports on this device for clearing the grate.
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