3" diameter Ram mount to be drilled down in the front deck of my VT18 Crestliner Question


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May 29, 2020
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Title say what I want to do but curious what you all think about rigidity with only a 3" round into the original aluminum deck material, I think I read it was .190" or if this load needs more of a spread out base ? I am mounting a 12" Garmin unit for live scope and really hate drilling holes in this boat but it is the best place for the unit. The 3" round is about all that will fit ahead of the trolling motor foot control recess without doing something custom. Giving additional consideration to making a new wood plug for the recess and going into it instead ??


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Think about using RAM mounts. They have endless possible combinations and are much sturdier than they look. I used one on the Little Boat (it was the most logical choice) and am surprised by it. Glad I tried it......

DUH...... never mind.....
I put one in my center console, and it DOES get a lot of pounding, and it holds my Garmin Ultra 10 with no issues.

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