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Jun 17, 2024
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So earier this week I made a post about sharing your
( Best fishing poles )
In exchange for the best fishing bait I have found... I will now share that information.... Thanks to everyone for there time on the topic....
I have used this bait for years - I have personally catch ( perch ) and mainly
(Catfish)... I have never left the lake without landing several fish..... even my rock brush loving wife has always managed to bring in something.... She has even brought In crappie with it.... AND FACT! THIS BAIT ALLOWED MY WIFE TO CATCH HER FIRST FISH!
You can get this bait in large round forum
Or small round - I have personally found I like the smaller round for my style of hooks.... I have used different brands with similar results....
You can get this bait at any gas station or store that sells food...
The bait I have been using is ( slim Jims )...
No joke... no pranks... straight up... all I ever use is slim Jims.... I've tried both spicy and regular and both seem to work well...

Now go catch fish!


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An 80 year old buddy of mine has used dollar store cans if Vienna sausages, (hot dogs), and either WD40 or PAM cooking spray on them for years to catch what ever happens to be in the water that day. He cuts up the bait into 1/2" chunks threads it on the hook and sprays it every cast. I've watched him run out of bait and take a piece of old rag and soak it with PAM and still catch fish.
I think anything that can make a small oil slick in the water around the bait will attract fish, it seems they strike at anything oily or bloody.
He threads them on the hook, I've tried it a few times and they don't move when casting but can get stolen easily but smaller fish. He's only cutting about a 1/2" piece or so. I've also used chicken livers wrapped in chicken skin and fat dipped in garlic oil for catfish, it works well in hot weather in one of the fast moving creeks here. I've limited out in less than an hour there with that combo. I use pieces of onion bags to secure the bait on the hook. It lets them get a good hold of it before I set the hook and they can't pull it off the hook. The catfish here don't get huge so a 5 lb fish is pretty good size around here and we have mostly just channel cats in the rivers and creeks. Every so often someone finds a monster but its been a while now.
The last one I had was 14 lb and he hit on live perch set out on a 4/0 reel off the back of the boat. When it hit, it didn't run, it just gulped down the perch and must have sat there. I was pulling anchor and moving when I felt something on the line that refused to move. Knowing there wasn't much in those waters that could break the 65lb braid on a 4/0 reel and boat rod I horsed him in fast and was shocked to see the size of him. Gut hooked he became dinner for the next few days.
Another time doing the same thing, a bit further downstream, I hooked into something bigger that refused to budge. I thought I had hooked a stump for a bit but it was slowly moving upstream. My next thought was a big snapping turtle but when I powered after it a bit and took up line it ran further upstream stripping off line fast. After a two hour fight I had a roughly 9ft bull shark along side of the boat with a bad attitude. I managed to pull the hook and he went on his way but we were a good 8 miles from any saltwater. We were in my buddies boat, and after he saw that he told me I'm not allowed to bring that pole ever again.
We were in maybe 12ft of water along a shallow bend in the river well above the saltwater/freshwater line.

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