Another one bites the dust and buys a tin boat

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Jun 26, 2010
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Smihville, Tennessee
Thought I would finally check in since I have been lurking here for a year or so. I had been looking for a boat for a while, but being a truck driver, it made it real hard to get home long enough to actually find something worth looking at and then being able to go and see it. Well last weekend before leaving, as usual I was scouring over Craigslist and came upon what I thought looked like a great deal. But being that I was leaving in less than an hour, I told my wife if the boat was still there come this weekend, I was gonna call and proabably try to buy it. Well lo and behold, I got home Friday evening and what to my woundrous eyes has appeared, sitting in my drive way was the Lowe 1448, trailer and with a 80's Johnson 25 HP sitting on the transom. My wife had called the guy, went and bought the boat. The seller had towed it to the house or her. She said he asked her if she wanted to look at the boat and she told him No, my hubby wants this boat so here is the money, :D I am still sitting here in awe. Just wanted to relate that story, and let yall know that now that I have my own boat, I will be stealing a lot of yall's ideas. Have a great week and I will check in with yall next week. Be safe!!
Wow! You don't see that everyday. Make sure to get some pics up.
I know. I know, wthout pics it didn't happen,,, :mrgreen: Soon as I get back off the road next weekend, I will figure out how to post some pics of her.
[url= said:
longshot » 19 minutes ago[/url]"]She sounds like a keeper. Congrats
Yep, sounds like a keeper..... and the wife don't sound half bad either. :lol: :lol:
Posting photos is quite easy. I am anxious to see your new boat. It is either a good thing or a bad that all depends on the condition of the boat and how much you will have to put into it vs what you spent on it :lol: How much did your wife pay the seller for the boat? What size is the boat? And you must post some pictures. I know with the pictures I use to share my images to my posts. Anyway I hope to see your boat soon and WELCOME!! =D> If you need any questions answered just ask... there are TONS of gents and a few ladies on this site that have knowledge for days about any and all topics you or I could ever ask. I have two boats, one 12' aluminum and one 16' fiberglass. I was helped on both, although my funds were cut short due to my wife and I having a baby boy and I am also waiting now for the warmer weather to get going again because the little man is 6months and rapidly growing now. Anyway what I am saying is that I can help a little due to the help I have received and the work I have done. So just ask! Here is a post about linking the images to better help. Like I said before I use Photo Bucket and have not had a problem with it. Best of luck Ryder and again if I can help I will. Talk to you soon.

Here is the intro post for posting images. I hope these two help!

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Well that is about as nice a woman as you can get right there. Only thing make her better is if she filets the fish and cooks em for ya too. Plus wash and shine the boat too of course.
That was really nice of her but it reminds me of a story I heard years and years ago. A guy wanted a new fully loaded Camaro so while he was out of town his girlfriend went to the dealer ship and talked to the sales man. When he got home there was his shiny new Camaro in the garage. When he started it to go for a drive he knew right away something wasn't right, the salesman sold his girlfriend a 4 cylinder Camaro. The dealer refused to take the car back, but in turned out the dealer put the loan in his name and he never signed for the loan.
Does the boat and trailer have their titles?
I may buy a lowe 1448T tomorrow, 90's 25hp tiller, trailer: If she runs, $1,800..

I have a 40 year old 1436, 88 15hp, 39 year old trailer:Does $1,200 seem like fair price? All legit with tags and titles....
Figure free boat, titled trailer, and running 15hp!

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