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Mar 22, 2021
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Danville Vermont
I have an Arkansas Traveler Aluminum boat that was giving to me many years ago by a good friend who has since passed. I am trying to get it back some what to what it originally was. This boat was first Owned by the Barrington RI Fire Department as it's rescue boat. I have the ID number The metal plate has the model left blank. It has the wood gunnels or did have. I am in the process of replacing them It is a 14' , 3 seat, rear tiller type boat. S/N 14018. And the other tag says it is rated for an 17.2 HP motor. I believe it may be early 60's It might be a 14-foot utility boat but am not sure. Is there any way to tell the year and model by the S?N 14018.
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I'm not certain, but I think AT numbered their boats sequentially no matter the model, so the serial is only going to help with dating the boat when compared to other known boats and their serials.
However, given the length and hp rating, I would wager it's a version of the UT-14. (Utility-14ft.) Deluxe and HD versions were available, too.
The wooden gunnels most likely place it in the early to mid-50s, fwiw.
Thank you mbullen for the quick response. I believe you are correct. I have been on the Fiberclassics Aluminum boat section and what I found from pictures and also some brochures, I believe my boat is a 1959 EX-14 (Explorer) model Semi Vee open Utility HD boat. This is the only one that matches up with the 17.2 HP rating. From all the information I find on different models AT's last year for the wood gunwales was 1959 and used aluminum starting in 1960.

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