Bought my old boat back, for cheap! Karma it was ...

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Dec 12, 2014
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Eastern Mass
Years ago I bought a 14' ProCraft hull, which is like the deep-gunneled V-hull of the old Smoker Crafts and/or Sea Nymphs, which were arguably the biggest and tallest-sided 14' tins ever wet! I rigged it out with a side console, seats on SS bases, electronics and added an electric & pull start Nissan OB, F/W separator, running and deck lights, livewell pump and bilge pump; as well as the plethora of rod holders, etc. Oh, and a new trailer.

I fished and used that for a few years and then sold it to move up to a 16' tin Starcraft once the family was growing. I sold the old boat to a nice young kid where it was his 1st boat. We stayed in touch, would give him advice (even for fishing, etc.) and I helped him out with a few things here & there and even did a tune up and waterpump service for him. Well he got the dreaded "2-foot-itis disease" and you know there's no cure for it, so I helped him find and buy a nice 22' frp walk-around with newer 4-stroke power.

The best part - and where Karma comes in - is that due to all my help and advice through the years, he sold it back to me for about 1/2 of what he could have gotten for it otherwise - Schweet! And it is in every good condition as I had sold it to him! Now I call that good karma ...

Pictures below before I finished out the side console and added a fishfinder, yada yada ...


ProCraft 14-Skiff1 2015.JPG

ProCraft 14-Skiff2  2015.jpg