cabin height & stability

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12x48 sounds awfully short for a cabin, or even two persons for that matter.
If the max load is 400lbs, unless your under 100lbs, I don't see how its doable even without a cabin.
You really don't ever want to run a boat at the max weight all the time, its a sure sign you don't have enough boat under you. I'm a big guy, around 300lbs 6ft3in tall, there's no way I'd even think about getting in a 12ft boat. I consider my 14ft open floor Starcraft SF14 the bare minimum, between the 35hp motor, me and 6 gallons of fuel its fully loaded. I run it only with a tiller extension and lately have been only using it with a trolling motor and battery. Its a decent small pond boat with the battery up front and a transom mount trolling motor, but I wouldn't take a passenger along in it. A cabin or even a Bimini top is completely out of the question, they catch too much wind and get in the way more than they help on a small boat.
Carry a mountain climbers tent and sleep on the shore if your thinking of a long ride in a small boat.

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