Does the New 50% Tariff on Li Batteries Apply to LiFePO4?

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I might have jumped the gun, but just ordered two 100AH TimeUSB Pro batteries direct from them. $414 - $25 (Pro6 discount code). Thx Thill for the recommendation.

PS: They are also raising the aluminum tariff, but not clear to me me by how much. It will drive new boat cost higher and eventually used. :(
Apparently, the current tariff is 25% being increased to 50%. While not 100% clear, it sounds like LiFePO4 are on the list, because it was mentioned that Ford uses them in some trucks and mustangs. Also, some Tesla 3's.
Thanks for bringing this up. I keep looking for an excuse to move to a TimeUSB LiFePO4 battery but my current AGM TM battery is still running strong.

I sure agree with you about info shared by Thill and others. It is (will be) a huge help.
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